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Dimensions of Jeep Parts
A while back I asked a question about what people would like to see on the website. Many people responded and I have tried to incorporate what they have asked for by doing various build-ups and writing more about technical information.

After doing that, I went back and reviewed the emails and something caught my eye and that was about specifications and dimensions of parts of the vehicle. I found this intriguing and I set out to find out the dimensions of certain body panels and parts. I didn’t end up finding too much on that. So, I set it aside for a bit and slowly I needed to know dimensions of parts of the Jeep because I was trying to find other uses for Jeep parts that seem to be too big to ship to people.

So in my various trips to the garage to measure parts, I have been writing them down and now hopefully I will be able to compile a list of all parts, with pictures, so the dimensions can be shared with all the Jeep community.

I am just starting this on 12/02/05, so give it time, more pictures and dimensions will continue to come as I get them and have time to update this section. If you need any specific dimensions, let me know and I will try to get to it. .
Front Grille
Windshield Glass
CJ5 Door
CJ7 Door

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