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Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a Project "FJ" - Running Tally
Here is a list of all the contributors/donators to Project "FJ". This list will grow as the project progresses. I will be documenting everything that goes into this project and all the people that help to make it happen. The list will become long and I will probably institute some sort of STAR system that will help to indicate who has contribute what by a visual star, sort of like how eBay helps to identify sellers and buyers of certain statuses.

The links on the previous page will help you to understand the "FJ" project further. Read on and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Free Jeep Project.
Project "Free Jeep" a.k.a. Project "FJ" - Running Tally
Date Item Cost URL
12/23/05 1982 Jeep CJ-7 258 I6 Engine Free Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 1982 Laredo Hood Free Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 1982 Laredo Tailgate w/ hardware $20.00 Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 Defroster Cowl $5.00 Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 12 Pack Smirnoff Ice and CJeep T-shirt $10.00 Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 Passenger Side Tail light Free Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 Fuel Filler Neck Free Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 Bracket for Swing-Out and Stop Free Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 AMC Jeep Emblem Free Jeep Forum Member
12/23/05 Diesel for Transportation - Citgo $12.00 CertifiableJeep
12/25/05 Labor to mount Engine in stand Free CertifiableJeep
12/25/05 Labor to remove Tailgate from Metal Free CertifiableJeep
01/20/06 Hard Top Seal Kit Free Marc T. From Danbury
01/20/06 15" Rims w/ 205/75/17 Cooper Tires Free Jeep Forum Member
01/20/06 1976 Front Grille Shell Free CertifiableJeep
03/19/06 1982 Widetrack Axles w/ Springs, Tires and stock 15" Jeep Rims Trade for used 304 motor and parts Jeep Forum Member
03/19/06 1983 Power Steering Pump and Brackets Free Jeep Forum Member
03/19/06 1983 Power Brake Booster Free Jeep Forum Member
03/19/06 1983 Steering Column with Dash Cover, Firewall brackets Free Jeep Forum Member
03/19/06 1983 Headlight buckets and lights Free Jeep Forum Member
03/19/06 1983 Alternator w/ bracket Free Jeep Forum Member
03/19/06 Diesel, Pizza, Coffee, and McDonald's $50.00 CertifiableJeep
07/10/06 Trip to see Body, Frame, Transmission, Transfer Case $10.00 CertifiableJeep
07/10/06 Body, Frame, Transmission, Transfer Case $200.00 Jason Terrio from NH
09/25/06 Aluminum Valve Cover $50.00 Dave Bertolami from NH
10/28/06 New Body Mounts $116.98 Quadratec
10/28/06 New Rear Cross Member $89.94
10/28/06 Auto Dollies (for moving the project) $200.00
11/17/06 Brake Parts - Stainless Steel Brake Lines $50.00
11/26/06 Brake Parts - Calipers, Pads, Rotors, U-joints $141.93 Vip Auto
11/28/06 Brake Parts - Dust Shields, Ball Joints, Tie Rods $218.00 All State 4wd
11/28/06 Zero Rust Paint - 12 cans - 6 red 6 black $92.69 MFG Sealants
11/28/06 Lug Nuts for redone axles/wheels $25.96 VIP Auto
11/28/06 Front Differential Axle Gasket $3.24 VIP Auto
12/06/06 One-piece Rear Axle Kit $175.00 eBay
12/06/06 Painless Wiring Kit - #10110 $386.11 eBay
12/06/06 New Fenders, Hood, Grille Shell $400.00 eBay
12/06/06 Sand Blast Cabinet $210.00 Metro Tool, Wallingford, CT
12/06/06 Front/Rear Greasable Shackles $97.85 eBay
12/09/06 1" Daystar Body Lift Kit for YJ $96.00 eBay
12/10/06 Inner Axle Oil Seals $19.98 eBay
12/19/06 Rough Country 4" Lift Kit $464.00 eBay
12/19/06 Totally Stainless Master Bolt Kit $149.98 Quadratec
12/20/06 Rear Frame Horn Repair Pieces $269.95 AutoRust
01/05/07 Rear YJ Frame Bushings for Repair Pieces $18.99
01/07/07 Windshield frame / Dash / Bumper / Seats / Bottle / Flares $135.00 CraigsList
01/12/07 1978 Jeep CJ-7 Parts Jeep $325.00 CraigsList
01/13/07 Seats / A/C / Floor Mats $50.00 CraigsList
01/14/07 Total Cost $3611.60* 58 Hours
* Total reflects cost of parts purchased, not including food, diesel , tools, shop supplies and bribes. The actual total of all costs is $4093.60, Whereas the total of misc costs is $482.00. Not exactly FREE... ;)
NOTE: I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a total for the expenditure of what it has taken to obtain all the parts. CertifiableJeep does not condone drinking and driving. Although frosty beverages are tasty and they have a way of getting more free parts then originally anticipated, we can't be held responsible for what the individual does with the gift once they take ownership of said gift. Drink Responsibly and don't drink and drive.

If you would like tasty beverages or t-shirts, become a donator to the Project "FJ" and we might be able to work something out.

Also, let's give Jen a big hand for picking up the tires and rims. She had a lot of driving that day... clap clap clap.

One more round of applause for Tony, he lent me a hand in picking up the heavy parts and scavenging a decaying Jeep. He had a lot of time spent alone with George the Goat in the back 40, I have never seen a goat so happy... clap clap clap.

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