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Heater Core Replacement
In the 2nd project Jeep, we were putting in a new dash, so it was a good time to replace the heater core. I wish I would have done this to my Jeep when I did it because now it is leaking and I have to replace it and that requires taking everything apart when $40.00 and a little time a year ago when I did the frame off restoration would have been a lot better
We first started by removing the battery and the battery tray. This give access to the 2 heater hoses that are located under the tray. This doesn't have to be done, but it certainly makes it a lot easier to remove the hoses that attach to the heater core. First, you must remove the antifreeze in the radiator so you don't have a lot of coolant falling out of the hoses. You can also remove the hoses without draining the radiator and then tie up the hoses to the ceiling joist to make sure they don't leak all over you.
If you put a bucket under the Jeep, it will catch the coolant that will fall out of the heater core when the hoses are disconnected. Next, you must remove the 4 nuts in the engine bay that hold the heater assembly to the tub. With this done, disconnect the fresh air hose and the drain hose to remove the heater assembly.
With the assembly out of the Jeep, you can remove the screws that hold the cover in place and holds the heater core inside the heater assembly. With the heater assembly out, do yourself a favor and clean the firewall and remove the dust and debris that is in there.
With the cover off, remove the old heater core and remove all the debris that has accumulated in the heater assembly. We found hay and a lot of dirt in there. Put the new heater core in place, put the cover back on, and then reassemble the heater assembly in the Jeep by putting the 4 bolts back in place and hook up the fresh air hose as well as the drain hose. Put the battery tray back together and reconnect the battery and you are all set. Fill the radiator back up if you have drained it and finally test the system and check for leaks.
Lessons Learned the Hard Way
So, my lessons learned here would have to be that I should have done this to my Jeep when I had the chance. This is a very easy replacement and can be done in about 2 hours. You will need a second set of hand to do this in order to hold the backs of bolts inside the tub and under the Jeep, but if you don't have them, you can manage yourself.
This is a pretty easy thing to do to update the heating system in the Jeep as well as not to have to do this in the future. It is a cheap part and takes about 2 hours to complete this. Do yourself a favor and do this when you have the dash apart so you don't have to take it apart later on when everything is back together.

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