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Hints - Steering Wheel Replacement
I bought my girlfriend a tilt column for her Jeep recently and it came with a steering wheel that was in better shape then mine was, so in another write up I mentioned that it was easy to put this new one on and you are on your way.

It actually wasn't as easy as I made it sound...
After putting on the new steering wheel, I soon realized that I had tightened down the steering wheel with the center nut too tight and that when I went around corners, the Jeep kept beeping. Yes, the horn kept on getting depressed while the steering column was clicking away.

To remedy the situation, I removed the steering wheel once again, torqued it down to the correct specifications, and finally put the horn cup on correctly. What happened is that the plate was not sitting flush against the steering wheel thus causing it to be on at all times. I only noticed this when the horn stopped working.
The horn remedy was easy as well. With the steering wheel center horn cup in place correctly, the horn was removed and the bottom adjustment nut was played with until the beeping sound was where I wanted it to be. All in all, this would have been solved if I had read the Chilton manual more and relied on my instinct less. Make sure the green retainer goes all the way through the horn cup and that everything is tightened down the way it is supposed to be. Don't be in a hurry or else you will cause yourself a huge headache.

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