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Photographing - How to Shoot Your Jeep
I have read a lot of write-ups on the Internet as well as seen a lot of information on how to properly portray your vehicle if you were planning on selling it on eBay. Many times you see Jeeps for sale with pictures that don't accurately portray the vehicle. In order to sell a vehicle, you need good pictures that showcase all the various angles of the vehicle, in this case, the Yellow Jeep project.
You need good pictures first off. So, you will need a day, which is sunny and free of clouds. Once you have that, you will need to move the Jeep into an area that is free of obstructions so you can crouch down and move around freely. With that in mind, put the Jeep where it is out of view of other people, animals and buildings if possible.

You definitely need an engine shot, topside, side shot, underside shots as well as rear shots of the Jeep so you can show all the pieces off to the perspective buyers.
Make sure that the Jeep is the only thing in the picture and you aren't taking just shots of particular areas of the Jeep unless it is to showcase the underside or the engine. Any additional pictures desired you can send them to the buyer at a later time.

Pictures are cheap to add to the listing. In the case of eBay, it costs $40.00 to list the Jeep and $.10 a picture, so putting up 12 of them will only run you an additional $1.10 since the first one is free. So, in relation to the cost of posting the ad, this is very cheap.

Make sure to add inside shots as well, to showcase the dash, seats, or anything else you have put time and effort into making look good. Also, if you notice, some shots are with the soft top and some are without. This helps to show what the Jeep will look like in a variety of configurations. This is a great way to show off all the features of the Jeep.
Lastly, if you have nice rims, good tread on the tires, brake drums that are painted to match, or new discs on the Jeep, show these features as well. Make sure that they can see stereo components if that is a selling point as well as any detailed portions of the Jeep in questions, in particular in the engine compartment if this has been tricked out.

I hope this helps to showcase what it takes to "Shoot your Jeep". A little attention to detail here along with a nice write-up of all the NEW and refurbished parts will help you to get all you can out of the hard work you have done to build up your vehicle.

cb (01/02/06)

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