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Rig Requirements
For safe wheeling the 4-wheeling your rig will have to have a minimum amount of safety equipment. Sometimes 4-wheeling can be dangerous. While the main reason for these requirements is your safety a secondary reason is consideration of others. A good recommendation is that your rig is properly equipped with the following equipment and that the equipment is securely mounted in your vehicle.

Basic Requirements

- Seatbelts for all occupants
- A spare tire within 10% of your rig's tire size securely attached to the vehicle
- Jack capable of lifting your truck (HiLift is a good choice)
- Jack board, foot or base to support jack on soft ground
- Lug Wrench
- Front AND Rear tow hooks, tow shackles, or tow rings
- Tow strap (20' min.)
- Properly secured battery
- Shovel
- Fire extinguisher
- Extra fluids (oil, diff oil, tranny oil, water and gas)
- CB radio
- Winch
- Tool Kit
- Spare Parts (hubs, ignition, belts, axels, assorted hardware)
- Garbage bags (for packing out more than you pack in)
- Ax or saw
- Air pump or compressor
- Tireplug kit
- First Aid kit
- Survival kit
- Lunch
- Camera

Upgraded Requirements

- Roll cage
- 5-point Seatbelts


When wheeling with the you will need to wheel responsibly. Don't go out alone and always let someone know that you are planning on going out and let them know where you are going. Airing down your tires is an excellent way to help the environment by leaving less damage on the trail. In addition to helping your vehicle perform better off road, low air pressure in your tires will help the landscape maintain its integrity. When going out with others, always keep the truck behind you in your rear view mirror. If they disappear then you should stop and better yet, contact them on the CB to see what happened. Keep your headlights on the low beam setting at all times during a run in the interest of additional safety. Always pack out MORE than you pack in; this is what the trash bags are for, so use them.

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