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Slot Wheel Swap - Maroon 1976 Jeep CJ5
(05/08/12) After a long time of putting it off, the slot wheels I have collected for my wonderful wife are going on her rig, along with a few other modifications for Mother's Day 2012. I basically wanted to get it out of storage, clean it up, put the new wheels on it, put on new NOS hubs I got for it, wash it down, and put some new shocks on it as well as those aren't the right ones for the Jeep.
About a year ago I put new springs on the Jeep with the help of my father-in-law. He was a great help and when we were all done, took it for a ride and something wasn't just right... turned out it was the shocks. We got the wrong ones, they weren't long enough. That issue has been rectified and they are on the way and will be here tomorrow, so those will go on with the hubs as well, leaving just one wheel to do. Polishing wheels is no joke, it takes a ton of time and you have to keep at it, or you will have a wheel that looks like crap.
Lessons Learned the Hard Way
So, my lessons learned here would have to be that you really need to do your reading and research on what you have to do in order to polish wheels... also do the math when you order shocks. Take your Jeep, put it on jack stands, drop the suspension out from the frame and measure how low it droops, then compress it and see how far it goes up. Those 2 numbers will help you big time. As for polishing goes, it takes sometimes wet/dry sanding, or perhaps polishing with a compound, all the way from 80 grit, up to 1500 or 2000 grit. That is a lot of freaking sanding per wheel!
This is a pretty easy thing to do in your Jeep if you can find the wheels, that was the hardest part. It took me a long time to find wheels that I wanted to use. I had found others as well, but these were the best I could find in the last couple of years, they just don't come up all that often. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of wheels out there "like" these, but very few true 1970's Jeep CJ Renegade wheels. I have always loved the look of them, I am glad I just have 1 more wheel to do.

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