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Bestop Supertop Installation
The Jeep project was coming to a close and winter was setting in, so I had decided to buy a top so I could drive the Jeep in the cold. I had never intended it to see the New England winters because of the amount of salt that is used on the roads, but I figured on the nice days, it would be nice to drive.

So I ordered up the top from 4wheelersupply. Once it came in, I opened up the package and checked it out to see what I had. This kit included everything. It wasn't a replace-a-top or anything like that. This was the full-blown version that included rails to mount the top without snaps as well as full soft doors that can be taken apart and unzipped.
I was really impressed with the quality of the supertop. The sticthing was very impressive and the amount of care that went into hiding all the seams and sealing everything up was very impressive. With everything unpacked, I set out to install the top. Directions are pretty straightforward for this. Basically you have a set of "rails" that need to be installed on the top of the Jeep tub. These rails allow for the top to be installed over them and then hold it in place. These rails are held in place by screws that need to be drilled through the top of the tub. This takes quite a long time to do since there are like 24 holes to drill. I don't remember the exact number, but there are a lot.
Once the rails were all installed, the front windshield needed some attention in that I had an old style windshield channel installed and that wasn't going to work with the new supertop. The old one was taken off and then new one was put in its place along with the side vents on the windshield. This requires drilling through the windshield frame, so when you do that, it might be a good idea to seal it up a bit with some silicone to prevent leakage and rusting.

With the rails and other support members installed, it was time to fit the doors and put the top on. Once the top is laid in place and stretched over the framework, the side windows zip in place and the installation is complete. I realize I make it seem a lot easier then it really is, but plan on taking about 4 hours to install this properly.
Lessons Learned the Hard Way
So, my lessons learned here would have to be that you shouldn't put in a soft top in the dead of winter in New England. There is a very good reason that they guys from Bestop tell you to lay this out in the sun on a warm day. They really seemed to know what they were talking about since I couldn't get my top to stretch due to the cold. It was actually quite amusing how pissed off I got.

Humor aside, read the directions and follow the order. I know as a fellow know-it-all that you know best, but believe me, reading these directions greatly speeds up the installation time. Make sure you put the right connections on the right screws, that make a big difference!
This is a pretty easy thing to do for a nice clean and dry look for the Jeep, that also adds weather protection to your everyday driving. Two people would have really helped move this project along since some of the items are bulky and it required running back and forth around the Jeep to accomplish the total installation.

Also, put your top on during the summer when it is warm, it will stretch a lot easier and you won't end up busting your knuckles as I did. This will also help a lot in fitting the doors and angle of the windshield a lot easier due to the pliability of the top.

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