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What is a Shackle Reversal?
1) Determining Needs
  Why is it that you think you need a shackle reversal? To be cool? To handle better? To give you lift? Cause your buddy has one? Figure out why it is you are asking the question first. If you are curious as to what it is and what it does, read on.
2) What is it... exactly?
  Well, I am not sure I can explain it any better then the 2-word description, shackle reversal. Taken literally, it is reversing the location of the shackle. Currently in stock form, the Jeep has the shackle in the front. "Reversing" it, puts it in the back.

There are a lot of kits that allow you to do this. I believe some are bolt on as well as weld-on. From what I gather, it basically is going to turn around everything... thus "reversing" it.
3) Why do I need it?
  From the comments gathered, here is why you need it. It will provide much improved street handling and much better ride over rough spots...makes almost no difference on a fairly smooth roads. There is a trade-off in that you get increased nosedive under hard braking. So, if you stop short a lot, it will handle different. Also, reversing the shackles will make your front drive shaft behave differently. If you replace your front shaft with a proper length/travel shaft, you won't pull it apart on the trail. If you keep your stock one, you might have issues.

On the topic of lifts, it seems that you won't get too much, so if lifting is what you are after, go to the lifting section included in here to read more about getting your rig out of the weeds.

  I don't know everything... actually I know less then everything, but what I do know is the following. To sum it up, shackle reversals makes for a nicer on road ride, it can cause the Jeep to nose dive under hard braking and has less desirable off road performance. Any comments, send them on in.

cb (07/12/07)

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