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Quick and Easy Jeep Towbar
For a while now I have wanted to make a tow bar in order to pull a Jeep, whether it is functioning or not. From looking around, I saw a bunch of bolt on parts as well as some that were even fully built and assembled.

I didn't think it would be too hard to do, so I set out to find the parts that I would need to make one. I was able to pick up the bumper shown in the picture cheap as the lights and push bar met with a tree, however, the bumper was not hurt. It is a stock bumper off a 78 Jeep CJ-7. The mount points are located in the same place for all CJ's I believe, so it was a good starting point.
NOTE : I realize that these pictures show the big washer on the outside, I realize it is in the wrong place, I just mocked it up quickly to make sure that the nults/bolts fit where it was supposed to go.

So, moving on, I took off the lights and the push bar, drilled some holes after measuring where the mounts would go, file them down to take off the rough edges, and finally I was able to mock it up and try it out against the frame itself.
Next, I took it all back apart, ground down the face where the mount will be welded to the bumper, ground off the mounts a bit, and then welded it up.

cb (04/12/07)
I finally got a chance to get back to this project. I was able to try it out on a frame I had and the bumper lined up and the bolts didn't interfere at all. With that done, I was able to grind down the sides a bit on the mounts and put it together with the hitch to trial fit it all.

With everything lined up, I welded the plates onto the bumper, made sure it had good penetration as evidenced on the backside of the bumper and then I cleaned up the welds a bit and put a coat of primer on it to make sure it didn't rust.
With the new welder, I am still learning a bit about how hot and how fast to spool out the wire, but the welds are solid and it came out pretty good. Next I will clean up the whole bumper, paint it up and then find some bolts to attach it to the frame rails. I will try it out on a Jeep in the yard first, but I think I am in good shape with this. It is a cheap way to get a Jeep home as long as the Jeep will roll free and easy.

cb (05/03/07)

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