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Woofer Box Installation
So, with the second project Jeep nearing completion, attention turned to getting it to sound better then just the 6-cylinder engine while we were taking those long trips.
So, in a previous write-up, we detailed how we got front speakers in the Jeep with the help of a speaker pod setup that incorporated 5.25" speakers on the transmission hump. Another write-up detailed the 6x9" speaker installation on the rear fender wells of the first project Jeep. This was also continued on the second project Jeep since we liked the first installation so much.

So, with sound in the Jeep, we wanted to throw some thump into it. We might have done this in an overkill fashion, but on eBay for a great deal, we found a speaker box that had 2 12" woofers that could be powered by a subwoofer we planned on putting under the seat.
The tuffy console was in the Jeep already, so a hole was drilled out on the side to run the wires out of. With that done, attention was turned to securing the woofer box to the bed of the Jeep. Holes were drilled in the box after the speakers were removed. This then was drilled through the bed of the Jeep and the nuts and bolts were secured.
Finally, the speakers were put back in the woofer box and the grilles were added to finish off the installation. All the wires were run to under the seat so the amp could be installed at a later time. With the woofer box installed, this was the last of the sound system installation. We now have speakers up front and in the rear for highs and midrange while the woofer box finishes off the thump on the low end.
Lessons Learned the Hard Way
So, my lessons learned here would have to be that you will need to get all the parts you will need to install this upfront. The little things that you don't realize are the things that will slow down the installation of the components. You will need some extra nuts and bolts to secure the woofer box as well as the speaker pods and fenderwell security boxes (part# 14032 01 07) at Quadratec. Take your time and you will be very happy with the results.
This is a fairly easy process to do, but it is time consuming. In order to put the nuts and bolts in under the Jeep, it would be nice to have a second set of hands. Other then that, make sure you have all the parts you need and then lay out what you plan on doing. Make sure everything is level and make sure when you drill through the body that you don't hit anything that is hiding underneath the body that will cause you even more headaches later on.

NOTE: Thanks to Frank Schaub for the pictures he took on this. It made writing up the page all that much easier.

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