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Third Project Build-up - Last Day
I sold the Jeep today (04/01/06) and it is a good feeling to finally complete the experiment that we attempted to do with this project. A lot of interest was sparked surrounding this project and there was a ton of feedback, both good and bad that helped to expand our knowledge of what to do in a build-up as well as what is desired out in the community.
There was a lot of interest when Spring rolled around. Trying to sell the Jeep in the winter was not a good idea, especially without a top on the Jeep. With the top issue resolved, we moved onto selling the Jeep in the classifieds section. This sparked a lot of interest, but a lot of feedback as well. People like different things and as the old saying goes, there is a butt for every seat. You need to find the right person for the Jeep you build, therefore, if you want it to be successful, I guess a completely stock restoration is what most people want, so they can add to it themselves.
Color was a major factor on this as well as the Orange one. Again, people like different things. Some people love outrageous colors, some don't. I take it with a grain of salt, but I think the next Jeep will probably be green, gray, blue, or red. These colors tend to sell better then the brighter ones. What I think is good for me, might not be the best for others and also might not be the best for resale. I love my Orange one as well as the Yellow one, others don't. To each their own, but if I do one for resale, next time it will be a tone that is more agreeable to the "masses". BTW, I love the Yellow one, did I mention that?
All that said I had a great time building this Jeep. It is a really good example of what can be done with some money and a bunch of time. The Jeep sold for what I was looking for it and I think it is a fair price. These Jeeps are getting more and more rare each day and with the work that was done to this one, it will be around for a long time if it is properly cared for. This chapter is over and the next chapter is about to unfold. There is a reason for everything and like Scott, the guy that bought the Jeep said, he was destined to have this Jeep, he just knew it once he saw it. I know a lot more now then when I started this project and I will carry that into the next one. Things always happen for a reason and I truly believe that. This is an example of what determination will bring to you if you see it through. I wish Scott and his family many long years with this Jeep and I am sure they will have tons of fun with it. Good luck!

I look forward to the next challenge and if anyone wants a Jeep built, just let us know! We will build you one that is to your liking and you can help in the process from the ground up so you get exactly what you want, especially if it is Yellow, Orange, or Lime Green...

cb (01/02/06)

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