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Third Project Build-up - Finished - part 2
I decided to put together a new section which is lamely labeled "Finished - part 2" because I had already said that the project was finished. I put together this new section to highlight some of the things that I failed to mention in the last write-up as well as some of the new additions that have been added to the Jeep in the last couple of weeks after it failed to meet the "reserve" on eBay.
I posted the Jeep for sale in the Jeep Forums and there was a lot of interest, however, it failed to sell, mainly due to a few reasons. The first reason, it is winter in New England and this thing didn't have a top that would keep you warm. Sure it had a hard top, but it didn't have any doors. Without the doors, that was quite a detraction. Secondly, the color. Now there are those of us who love Yellow and those who don't. I think this is a great color for someone who can appreciate it, however, I think that a blue, red, or green might have been the color of choice for Jeep enthusiasts that want a Jeep that they can keep in their garage. Third, the timing again. This time of year everyone is concentrating on the holiday season and not thinking about themselves. They are thinking of what they can do for their loved ones and buying a $10,000 Jeep is not really at the top of the list.
So, what I did to rectify the situation was to install a new Supertop from Bestop. The part number is 61503-15. This means that is a Supertop from Bestop and it comes in Black Denim. This is a really nice trick setup that has all the bells and whistles that a top can have. It is a nice color, it comes with a rail system that doesn't have any snaps, and finally it is NEW, which means that the doors and back window don't have any scratches in them.

We installed the softop last weekend and then I proceeded to see a set of brake pads for this year and model Jeep on the Forums for "free" so I purchased them to go along with the Jeep. It isn't a major selling point, but I wanted to let that out there that the next front brake pad swap is on us.
With a few more tweaks here and there, the top was on, the brakes were bled and the hoses were tightened up and finally the fluids were topped off and I took it out for a ride around the neighborhood. The Jeep runs good and strong and the new centerforce clutch grabs very tightly and works great. Everything on this Jeep is working great. All the gauges work and register where they should be. All the underside of the Jeep has been lubed up and all the gear oil has been topped off. There are NO leaks from this Jeep whatsoever which is amazing because all Jeeps leak something to "mark their territory".

There is a spare tire that goes along with this Jeep although it is not pictured and there is no-tire carrier for it. The rim doesn't not match, as it is the original spare that came with the Jeep. It isn't an exact match, but it will get you home if you find yourself in the position of having a flat.
I have stated before that this was an incredible learning experience and it has shown me with a little patience and a lot of determination, you can accomplish anything. The price that I had on the reserve was $9,500 but if you want to offer me a price, let me know at Jeep for Sale and I will get back to you and let you know what we think. The Jeep is located in Southern Connecticut, but if you need help in the delivery of it, I can meet you somewhere or help load it on a trailer of a shipping company of your choice.

Thanks to all that have helped and to the people that have asked questions, it helped all around with the write-ups and the modifications that have been done to the Jeep!

I look forward to the next challenge and if anyone wants a Jeep built, just let us know! I am sure that Jen would be overjoyed to start a new project with me. Just kidding, thanks again for all your patience Jen :)

cb (12/27/05)

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