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Exhaust Manifold Repalcement - part #1
(04/05/09) Someone approached me about a 1988 Wrangler they had and that it had a cracked exhaust manifold, or at least that is what it sounded like. He asked me if I could fix it. I was like, sure, OK, but until I saw the Wrangler in my garage, I wasn't aware of all the emotions it would bring. A Wrangler on CJ holy ground, how dare I! Nah, only kidding... heck the engine I am working on is basically the same thing as the silver CJ project I just am wrapping up, only this one is a lot dirtier and has a lot more emissions crap on it.
I started by ordering up some gaskets, and got the manifold ordered as well. A can of high temp paint after I cleaned the oils off of it and I was in business. I took the Wrangler and put it in the workshop along side the Silver CJ since it was pouring out and started to take the engine apart a bit and then I drained the coolant. It is a PITA to do this job, but the good news is that you can update a few parts.
I will end up replacing the PCV valve, the fuel filter, the radiator cap and then when it is all done, the coolant will be replaced, so all in all, you somewhat kill 2 birds with one stone.

cb (04/05/09)
(04/12/09) It is Easter and I am trying to catch up on posting things on the website as well as doing a bunch of work for my actual job. I did work on the Wrangler for a couple hours yesterday and got a bit done.
The good news is that all the parts that I needed to get off the engine are off. The bad news is that the O2 Sensor did not want to come out of the old manifold. Also, no one in 1988 had ever heard of anti-seize as some of these bolts were in bad shape. I had a very difficult time getting the intake and the exhaust manifold separate from the little pipe that runs between the 2 and getting the exhaust disconnected from the exhaust manifold was a nightmare.
All said and done, the new manifold is in place, that is the good news, the bad news is I have to run out and get a new sensor and then try to get the intake put back in today before I run out of time. So, I am off, just wanted to update this a bit before I left.

cb (04/12/09)
(04/15/09) I only have a few more things to tidy up and I think I am going to be in good shape. I had to get a few last minute parts to fix some minor things, but all in all, the job took the better part of a day in terms of straight hours. I had a lot of parts that didn't want to come off and some broke as well. Mainly it just takes time to let some of the penetrant soak in and then the painting and prep.

cb (04/15/09)
(04/20/09) I am all done, but I am not sure if I didn't open up a much bigger can of worms on this one. Basically, the engine seems to be running a bit better, but now without the leak in the manifold, I think it is forcing more exhaust down the way it is supposed to be and I think the rest of the exhuast system is taking the hit for it. It sounds now like there is a leak from the cat or somewhere down the line there. Also, with all the vacuum lines in and around the carb, they should all be replaced, heck the carb should be as well, and then ignition, and then new radiator, new brakes... the list goes on.

Check back soon for updates.

cb (04/20/09)
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