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CertifiableJeep - Certifiable Trailer - 07.22.12
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(07/22/12) I have been borrowing trailers my whole life, well, ever since I turned 16 and got a truck and I have always wanted my own. Well to take one from the Beach Boys, I saved my pennies and I saved my dimes, but I didn't get a 409, I got a trailer... a 7,000 GVW trailer, all mine, paid for, and soon to be registered today. I am very happy with the purchase. I had to fix a light and rewire a few things, but all in all, things look good so far.
I am trying to come up with a "Priceless" scenario, but I have too much of a smile on my face. I can now fulfill all the things my wife wanted me to do in order to get the girls ready to go four wheeling. First I had the rig, then I had to add the cage, then the car seats with proper mounts, then a trailer to get them there in style (A/C, no wind/noise). So, I have all the pieces, now I just need the little one to get a little older so she can appreciate the four wheeling experience... well, that and hold her head up as well.

cb (07.23.12)
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