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NEWJO - Carnage Hill - 08.11.12 - part #4
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We were out the lookout that we were almost 2 years prior when we did Class VI roads in Swanzey when we heard the faint rumble and rustled of thunder and wind through the trees... next thing we know, we got soaked. It poured as we made our way back to the trucks/trailers and we got everything loaded up and we were on our way. So, all in all, the day started out a little confusing, we left late, started wheeling at noon, and despite getting lost, not knowing where to park, getting lost again, starting at noon, we got to wheel for 4+ hours and made it back in one piece. I even got home at 6pm to put the girls to bed... only to get drenched when I went to put the trailer away after taking off the Jeep. Time to go clean up now what I made messy yesterday!

cb (08.11.12)
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