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Project "Orpheus" a.k.a Project "Orange Crush" - part #1
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(10.23.10) I never got around to having a specific set of Jeep pages for the Orange Jeep because when I got it, I figured that was going to be it, my only one... man was I wrong.
The pictures shown here are from when I went out to run an errand and when I stepped on the clutch... BAM! A huge snapping sound. Turned out to only be the clutch linkage that held it onto the firewall, but I had to limp home in 2nd gear... not a fun time at all!
I took it all apart, fixed it up with welding in some new bolts and then put it all back together and now it is as good as new. Just a simple fix, but a long time to get the parts out and then back in due to the rocker protection... not a fun afternoon, but it could have been worse!

cb (10.23.10)
(03.31.13) I have wanted to replace the radiator for a while, but at the end of last years season of driving before the snow started to fall and the salt started to come out, it sprung a pretty big leak and the check engine light came on... so I knew I would have to address it in the spring. Well, spring isn't here, but it will be shortly, so I got to it and go the old one out and put the new one in and filled her up... changed the oil, and then took her for a ride.

It was a great day out, no salt on the roads as it rained the other day. The snow is still on the ground, but that will go away over the next few weeks. It is only a matter of time. I had a little delay when I broke 2 of the tabs that hold the radiator in place and then I had to reloate the hot rot fluid container over to the other side as the output of the radiator neck was on the opposite side. It wasn't that big of a deal, it is all done and buttoned up. I just now have to re-wire some of the stereo as that is causing a short/grounding issue where it was killing the battery. I figured it out, I just now have to fix it. Once that is all done, I am going to address some of the cage issues I have wanted to fix adn possibly swap out the rims... I am not sure yet on what to go with, but it should be cool.

cb (03.31.13)
(06.04.13) I love the look of white wagon wheels, except that stock ones would not work too well with the narrow track axles and back spacing. So, the next best thing would be the trade I had gotten to work on a Jeep. 15x10 White Wagon Wheel knock offs give a pretty interesting look. I am not sure I love it, but I don't hate it... let me know what you think.

cb (06.04.13)
(06.21.13) I finally was able to get these last 2 pictures up here... more wheel design. I am starting to think that timewise, Photoshop would have been a better option, but it wouldn't allow me to see how far these things stick out when on there. 15x7 rims on Narrow Tracks vs. 15x10 rims on Wide Tracks and seeing where it all sticks out and what is what.

Well, I have decided to go with the Slot Wheels on Orange with the 33x12.5x15 Pro Comps. Once that is done, the Laredo Chromes will go back on Silver with the 35x12.5x15 Claws. As much as I love the white wagon wheels, I can't find a Jeep for them right at the moment, too bad, too sad. If they were 15x7 and not 15x10, they would look good on Silver, but the 15x10 just stick out way too past the fender flares for it to be legal.

The only thing I am not 100% on is the 15x7 on the Narrow Track axles. The tires used to be 15x10 Outlaw II tires and they were right at the fender flare, maybe a little past in. Now it is inside the flare. I am not sure how I feel about the look of it.

cb (06.21.13)
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