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Project "Orpheus" a.k.a Project "Orange Crush" - part #3
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(07.21.13) I finished up most of the cage installation this weekend. I needed to wait until more of the parts were painted and I had some time to install all of it. It is a tight fit and well designed, so I put the rest of it in place and tested it all out. Once I was happy with it, I loosely started to tighten down the bolts.
I used some straps to pull things into position and when it all looked good, I started the process of tigtening down a whold lot of bolts. It took a while and when it was all done, I started to reassemble the seat belts, the speaker boxes, re-checked all the bolts and tightened accordingly.

cb (07.21.13)
(07.22.13) I guess "baby steps" is the best description I can use here. In the picture is 1500 grit, than 2000 grit and finally 2500 grit rubbed out and wet sanded. Next up is the polishing. After this, only 2 more to go ;)

cb (07.22.13)
(08.03.13) I apologize for the lack of exciting updates, but sanding and polishing out wheels is like watching paint dry or water boil. The good news is that I am on my last one and I have about 2 more hours before I can take off the wheels on the Orange Jeep and bring down 5 tires/wheels and 5 wheels and swap them out and then be almost done with the Orange Jeep, pending some exhaust work.

cb (08.03.13)
(08.10.13) I AM DONE!!!!! I am off in 30 minutes to go get the rubber swapped onto the 40+ hours of hand rubbing out those rims for the Orange CJ5!!!! Being a perfectionist isn't always easy... sometimes you need to say "when" or in come cases "uncle". I had all 5 done and one of them just didn't look like the rest of them with more scratches and pits in it, so I decided to update it and do it all over again. It is much better, but still not "perfect"... heck, none of them are, these wheels are almost 40 years old so they have some life experiences in them.

All in all, I swapped on some other tires onto the Orange Jeep, going to take those rims I took off and put them on the Export CJ7 and then get new rubber for it. The Orange CJ5 will end up with the Pro Comp rubber and the renegade slot rims. After which, I will unmount those 35's and take those 15x8's, clean them up and they are going on the silver Jeep with the Baja Claws... and then my tire swapping/updating will be done! Everything is loaded up in the truck and I am about to make my way out to the store to drop off the first round. By the end of the weekend I hope to have it all sorted out.

cb (08.10.13)
(08.11.13) I got all the tires on the respective Jeeps and it all turned out great. I have waited a long time for this day. I need to go through one more round of this when I get the white wagon wheels back, but all in all, I am in good shape. I just have to get the UK Jeep running consistently and I will be a happy camper!

cb (08.11.13)
(06.20.14) I am just updating all the projects today... in reality that means I have been too busy or too lazy to do so... sigh! Well as much as I love the look of slot wheels, they need to either have some very large wheel spacers on narrow track axles or they have to go. It was too tippy for my tastes and I went with a 15x8 instead of a 15x7 with smaller wheel spacers. I really was spoiled with the 15x10's, but I think this look will stay for a while, I love it!

cb (06.20.14)
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