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Tear Down / Evaluate Vehicle - part #1
OK, now you have a vehicle. You have done some research and you are on your way to deciding what you want to do with your rig. First, decide if you want to just dress it up, or go full bore and do a full frame off restoration. I decided to do a full frame off so I had to start tearing down the vehicle to see what I had to work with.

First and foremost, don't throw anything out!!! It is all worth something. You will be surprised what people on eBay will pay for your old junk. I offset the entire cost of my project by selling the stuff I either replaced or I didn't want. Make sure to charge the appropriate shipping and you should be all set.
I started by cleaning out all the leaves and crap that had accumulated in the back of the new Jeep. The interior had seen better days. And by saying that, I am being very nice. I decided that I wanted the spare tire in the back of the Jeep where the back seat was, sort of like a pre-runner setup so I took out the seats and tossed them. I know this goes against everything I said about keep everything, but lets examine the facts. There were 3 dead mice in the back seat and the 2 front ones were water logged. I unbolted them from the Jeep and tossed them out. I kept all the mounting hardware for the fronts and mounted them later on to my new Bestop water resistant seats and the rear mounting hardware, I sold on eBay. The parts are hard to come by, so I got good money for them. Also, I was going to put five point harnesses into the Jeep, so I knew I could sell the seat belts as well.

Part                     Selling Price        Shipping      NetPrice
Rear Seat Bracket   $56.00               $11.90        $44.10
Front Seat Belts     $26.50               $9.45          $17.05

Selling parts will truly help to get you some cash to buy more parts. I got $61.15 in the first few minutes of the tear down. I setup an eBay Seller's account as well as a PayPal account to bring in the cash. I know a lot of people knock PayPal, but by doing this, I used the cash in my PayPal account to pay for parts off of eBay.
So, now that I had some extra cash in my pocket, I turned my attention to the floors of the Jeep to see what I had. The driver's side was rusted out with what the previous owner would call BB holes. I took a hammer and lightly tapped on the floor to see what was up. The BB holes turned into gapping ankle grabbers in a heartbeat. I then took out the screwdriver and started with the rest of the body to see how much swiss cheese I had. Remember, just because something looks good on the surface, doesn't mean that it is all well and good underneath. So, after further inspection, I found out that I was in pretty good shape. I had some rust behind the driver seat, passenger seat, and the driver side floor pan. Easy enough, I just ordered up some new sheet metal from RigidSteel and I was on my way to the rest of the teardown.
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