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Tear Down / Evaluate Vehicle - part #2
The windshield channel was quite a discovery in that the glass was original, however, glass over time becomes cloudy and this one had a bad case of it. Basically I snapped off all the bolts taking the thing off, the glass was unusable, and when I took off the rubber cowl on windshield, there was a ton of trapped rust in there. It was unusable for me, but even though I didn't want it, there was someone else that wanted it. Believe it or not, I got quite a few bucks for it because someone needed it for a rig that they were using for hunting or something.

Part                     Selling Price        Shipping      NetPrice
Windshield Channel  $90.00               $00.00        $90.00
So, on to what can be salvaged and what can be sold. The fender flares were in very good shape for being 30 years old, so with some effort those came off and were saved. The hood and fenders were next and those came off without any major issues. I broke off a few bolts here and there but that is to be expected with this old hardware.
The dash was next and that was a mess. It looked like a bunch of spaghetti wires and I am an electrical engineer and understand wiring! This is where you need to take lots and lots of pictures. If you don't, you will have no remembrance of how the wires were routed as well as where the heating equipment was and where things went (if you plan on putting the heating equipment back into the rig). Once the dash was out with the steering column, I set out to eBay and sold some more stuff that I wasn't going to use. This included the steering column because it was non-tilt and my legs weren't going to fit under a non-tilt unit with the new high back Bestop seats I was planning on using.
That all done, I set out on separating body from frame to really see what I was up against. Now don't be an idiot like me. First, I tried to take off all the body mount bolts without soaking them with PB blaster overnight. This doesn't work. All you end up doing is snapping off bolts left and right and that doesn't make anyone happy. Second thing to remember is run the Jeep down as much as you can in the gas department if you plan on removing the tank. A hot day in August and gas fumes leads to a large headache and a couple hours of sleep on the couch after taking some aspirin. Thirdly, get some friends to help you. We did it with thee people total, but 4 would have been a lot nicer.
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