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Project "Reclamation" a.k.a Project "CJ4C" - part #1
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(01.27.13) I have always love CJ-5's. It is how I got my first Jeep, it is how I met my wonderful wife, and now it is how I got to know fellow Jeepers that need some help "reclaiming" their Jeep back to its former glory. This is how the Jeep project got its nickname: Project "Reclamation". Also needing some reclaiming is my jack which gave up the ghost on the 2nd set of wheels. I needed a new u-joing for it, little thing finally gave up.
The story unfolds in that a couple that I met through a mutual friend wanted to get a Jeep for their daughter. I kept an eye out for a while and then a situation came up where I sold the top from the Orange Jeep to a guy that put it on this 1978 Jeep CJ-5. Well, a few months go by and he contacts me to see if I was interested in buying the Jeep.
I connected the 2 parties up and they struck a deal and now the Jeep is here to help get it back to mostly stock. The Jeep as it sits is in nice shape for the body and frame. The Jeep is lifted probably in the neighborhood of 6 inches and it has a 3 inch body lift and an unknown amount of shackle lift. The tires are Baja Claws 35x12.5x15 and are in great shape sitting on 15x10 Pro-Comp white wagon wheels.
The plan is to get it back down and get some normal shackles on there. Also, remove the 3" body lift and get it down to a 1" lift. The tires will be original white wagon wheels on 31x10.5x15 more streetable tires. We will look for a hard top for it (if anyone has an ACME black hard top, please contact me at CJ-5 Hardtop.) and we will go over the whole thing. So far, the wheels have been swapped for smaller ones and the shackles and body lift kit should be here this week. I fixed a few other little things and soon will take off the fender flares and replace them with stock ones. I will also replace the front bumper with a stock black one and a set of bumperettes for the rear. After all the little things are done and the steering is back to normal, we will move on from there.

cb (01.27.2013)
(01.31.13) The day off the other day allowed me to get a few things done. I was able to drop off the wheels to get them dismounted, and then I was able to get the center caps off. This went fairly smoothly. I am still looking for rubber for the wheels, but at least now I can clean them up, sand them, paint them and get them ready for assembly. I then removed all the fender flares off as they were not original. I started on the front and rear bumper covers and then the hooks and finally the front bumper. Once that was done, I moved onto the door situation.

The door situation still needs some thinking and tinkering. It is unfortuante that the holes were drilled as they were by the previous owner. With the bumper off I checked into the rear seat speaker contraption. It isn't original, it was made to put speakers under the rear seat.

I moved onto looking at the five point harnesses and then made a list of things we need to get it back to stock. All in all, a few hours of work and it is looking good. I have a lot to do, but this is a good start. The body lift and the shackles are due in any day now, so when that comes in, I can remove the re-engineered clutch for the 3" body as well as the drop pitman arm. I will get back to it this weekend.

cb (01.31.13)
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