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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #11
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(01/20/2013) It has been about a month since I updated this, but things are moving along nicely, well, nicely for it being freezing outside and not having a ton of time to work on it! I recently took the motor out again and moved it up 3/4" to get it to the right place. I had a buddy come over and help me flip the body on its side so I could attack the body mount bolts as well as the torx bolts, seat belt mount bolts and whatever else I could get my hands and HEAT onto.
I had to re-organize a few things and put together some kid toys, but all in all, things worked out and I got 3 hours to bang away at the bolts and really got a lot done (compared to other previous projects). I guess I am learning a thing or two about doing things the right way, taking your time and getting it to work in your favor instead of getting pissed, banging your head and being pissed off at the thing.
I hope to get outside again today for a few more hours and again next weekend, as long as it doesn't snow, there has been a lot of that going on these days. I hope to get the rest of the torx bolts out and really make some progress in gettign the body back on and making sure it will fit how I want it to with the front sheet metal on there and line everything up with the body mount kit!

cb (01/20/2012)
(01/27/2012) I really got a ton of stuff done on the Scrambler over the weekend. After having the body off for a week, I was able to get all the body mount bolts out, the torx bolts for the roll bar, and finally I was able to get the seat belt bolts out. Once those were all out, I was able to get the body back on the frame with the help of a neighbor and then I was able to get the whole front nose on it.
The front clip helped me to check clearances and see what else was needed. Once that was on, I started on the driver side rock rail to see how that would go on, and finally swapped on some Baja Claws 35x12.5x15 and those really finished out the look. I was able to knock out some of the rust repairs in the floor to see what I was working with. All in all, it needs new floors and a new rear bed section, but all in all, not to bad.

cb (01/27/2012)
(01/31/2012) The other night I had a couple hours, so I got back on the Scrambler and was able to put Tabs "spiders" as she put it on the passenger side. It went on without issue and looks great. I am currently looking at the wood side rail mounting. I am trying to get locations and dimensions and soon I will try to mock that in place as well as finish up the rear bumper mounting. All in all, not too bad, it is coming along nicely for the little amount of time I have had to put into it.
So, I got a few more minutes to get things going outside. I tried to get the boards installed and lined up where I thought they should be. I realized then I was missing a shim, or a rather large shim that would need to be tapered to fit and fill in. All in all, I am happy with what I got done tonight, but I want to resolve what I am going to do, get it down on the passenger side and call it done! I can then move onto the rear bumper and get that buttoned up as well!

cb (01/31/2012)
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