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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #6
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(03/04/2012) I have the day off and I am trying to get this stuff done so I can go out and stab in the engine and drivetrain into the Scrambler. The cat has been sick, so I have been back and forth to the vet hospital. She has 7 kidney stones. I can't even imagine what kind of pain that would be.
As you can tell in the spy photos, there is another Scrambler lurking. I will say more on that over next weekend. I don't want to count them chickens before hatching. I got the engine ready to go in though last night. I had to go get some grade 8 bolts, but all in all, I hope to get this thing in and the skid plate trimmed up today if all goes well. I have a few more computer things to do and then I should be all set.

cb (03/04/2012)
(03/05/2012) I was able to get most of the drivetrain stabbed into the frame rails yesterday. It took some doing, but all in all, it is in there and it fits. I need to do some more tweaking where I had to cut and trim the skid plate to allow for more access to the T18 for draining fluid and also protecting it, but all in all, it is in there and looks good. This is a major step as the engine has been waiting a long time to go in there. There is a ton more work to be done, but until next time, I am happy with what I have done.

cb (03/05/2012)
(03/12/2012) I have been very hush hush about the new addition to the fleet as I wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not. I tend to talk about things and then they don't work out exactly as planned, so this time, I didn't want to disappoint, so I kept my yapper shut... AND IT WORKED!

I picked up my friend Rick's home made "pipe dream" trailer on Friday night and headed out to get the Scrambler on Saturday morning, and it had snowed some to make it slippery and fun! Backing up the driveway was interesting as I kept sliding, so in 4wd around the corners and bends, I made it to the garage and we started to load it on. It was a tight fit (insert that's what she said joke here) and soon I was on my way home. Upon returning home, I realized that my house had been taken over by the stomach bug that is going around, so the Scrambler had to wait until I could get some time to go out and unload it. The trailer returned, the Jeep in its bay, we are all done with the picking up adventure and will move onto the tear down in the coming weeks.

I took a ton of other pictures and they can be seen HERE It seems to be in good shape with a bunch of work done to it so far, so we just have to clean it up and see what we have to work with.

cb (03/12/2012)
(03/13/2012) I was fortunate to have the day off yesterday and really get to doing a lot of things around the house that I needed to get to, but ultimately, I was able to get outside and start to clear off the cobwebs and see what we have to work with. Barn dust is a funny thing, it clings to EVERYTHING and really doesn't want to come off.

I was able to clean up a few things, snap pictures of other things to figure out what they are and what they are worth as I will ultimately sell them if I can. I found a rear bumper setup that looks to be a Kayline unit, but I say that only because there is a sticker on there that says it. The soft top also says Kayline. I cleaned out the floors and they appear to be in pretty decent shape. They need floor pans and some patching, but all in all, very solid. Apparently the original color looks to be blue. The bulkhead is in great shape and finally I found the 15 gallon gas tank, but I have a 20 that I am going to put in, so that can go on the for sale pile. It has the original skid plate and plastic insert which was nice.

I fouund the yellow bar, which I am not quite sure what it goes to. I was thinking something to do with the Chevy 350 swap, but that would be some sort of torque arm or something. I have to check that out some more. Finally, I washed down the hood, fenders and grille. They look to be in great shape as well, minus the passenger side fender, it has some typical rust issues on the outside, but not through to the inside yet.

cb (03/13/2012)
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