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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #2
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(01/12/11)I haven't had much time to update the site, but I figured that it was snowing, it is crazy early in the morning and I finally have a few minutes, I will update it now. This section has become somewhat of a catchall, as there are wheels in here from the Silver Jeep and now from Jenn's Jeep. I have always loved the look of the Renegade Wheels and they would have been on Jenn's Jeep from the beginning, so in keeping with her Jeep being stock, I was able to get a set of these, as well as another set that is coming from NJ and I plan on cleaning up all 10 wheels, picking out the best 5, swapping them onto Jenn's Jeep and then selling the other set of rims from her Jeep. I will also probably keep the back up set, throw Mud Tires on them and swap them onto Jenn's Jeep when it goes out wheeling.
The transmission rebuild has also started for the Scrambler. Basically it is a 2WD transmission out of a Ford Pickup... we have dated it to 1981 we think, but the good news is the rebuild kit is the same for a bunch of years, so we are good to go. Basically, we have to get the long tailshaft off of this, swap in a shaft for a Dana 300, then rebuild the internals with new snap rings and syncrhos, and finally we will be able to get it all back together, painted up, adapter on, and we will be ready for the rebuild of the Dana 300. This is the same drivetrain in the Silver one and since it has worked so well, we will do it again in the big rig!
I ripped down the transmission mostly and only have a bit more to do. I got the top cover off, I removed the rear cover, pulled the front and rear bearings and dissasembled the main shaft out of the transmission. I had trouble removing the plate that holds in the lower shafts and that is where I have stopped. I have to get back to it this weekend. I will remove the counter shaft and then clean it all up and get it ready for reassembly.

cb (01/12/11)
(01/23/11) I have most of the reassembly done, but we are changing gears to help Rick put his T18 together. We are holding a tech day to do this, so that should be fun. More in a couple days when I get the time to put this back together.
(03/11/11) I have been somewhat working on the Scrambler, as well as gathering parts to take off the Scrambler half cab and bulkhead from the Silver Jeep. I will also take the cage out of that as well, thus turning the Silver Jeep back into a CJ-7 and taking all those parts and putting them onto the Scrambler and putting it to a half cab configuration.

I have put up some things for sale, junked a few others and right now the body is what is in question. I am removing the roll bar this weekend and hopefully someone will either take the body and do with it what they want, or perhaps, I will scrap that as well. It is too far gone for what I want to do with it and put that kind of time into it, but someone else might want it... especially if the price is right. Mommy also got her new wheels as well. I have 10 of the old style rims for her CJ5, I just have to shine the 5 best up and sell of the rest. I can't wait.

cb (03/11/11)
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