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Project "Tabs Jeep" a.k.a Project "TJScrambler" - part #3
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(03/14/11) I pretty much knew that getting into another Jeep would be challenging, but the biggest issue thus far has been time. Money a little bit as well, but basically I have had no time to work on the Jeep. This changed a bit this weekend.
The bed and overall tub was pretty much toasted and I knew that going into it, so all I really wanted from it was the roll bar and possibly anything else I could salvage and then the rest of it could go to anyone else that might want to do something with the tub. I am not sure if it is worth saving as it is pretty rough, but you never know.
With the roll bar out, I moved back onto getting the T-18 buttoned up. I had a friend come over to give me a hand lifting the T-18 all day. We did his T-18 at the same time, so it was a good give and take trying tot get it all done... thanks Rick! Once we hit the stopping point with it, it was time to start stripping the rest of the Scrambler of its parts. I took off the center caps off the wheels, I removed the stock hubs from the front axle and moved them onto my 1986 set that I got and then moved an aftermarket set back onto the Scrambler hubs.
The Dana 30 I got from Eric at was missing one hub and the other hub was in pretty bad shape once I got it off. As you can see, it was pretty discolored. So, all in all, a good solid weekend of getting the parts I wanted and needed. The T-18 is almost done. I just need to press off the bearing and remove a piece and put it back on the right way and finally button it up. We put the cover on and it shifted just fine. Also, I have a new wiring harness and steering column coming for the project. They were both good deals. I can't wait to get that stuff in and start moving out the old Scrambler stuff to make room for the new stuff. I finally received the shocks for it as well, so we are in business on that end as well!

cb (03/14/11)
(03/17/11) Last night ended pretty good, the Scrambler Tub found a new home and it wasn't too difficult to get on/off... AND it wasn't raining! The following pictures are what I found once I got the tub off. I was very surprised by the condition of the frame. It was in pretty good shape for being up in New England its whole life.
The engine, frame, axles and gas tank will be for sale once I get the parts off of it that I need. I want a few things to put on the new setup and then all of it will be for sale and it will be out the door. I will keep the belly skid, the tires, some steering components and some engine stuff, after that, it is all available. Probably as early as this weekend if all goes as planned.

cb (03/17/11)
(03/21/11) The transmission is done! I also have taken most of the stuff off of the old Scrambler frame and other misc parts have come in, so I am accumulating quite a pile. We are having snow at the moment, so that kind of sucks from the working on it perspective, but I am just thrilled that the transmission can be taken out when it is warmer, pressure-washed, then re-gasketed, and then painted. It will look like a million bucks when it is all said and done.

cb (03/21/11)
(03/28/11) A lot has changed in the past few days. Basically it was out with the old and in with the new. I moved out the Scrambler and moved in a new top and bulkhead. I was able to get my Jeep back into where the Scrambler was and I was able to order up a lot of parts.
The best news is that I have some place to put things now. I have freed up a space and now I can move some things around. With the nice weather coming, I should have even more space to move things around. I can't wait to see how this takes shape! By the end of the weekend, I hope to have done a little bit of work in the garage in getting the frame off its perch and onto some axles! Here's to hoping!

cb (03/28/11)
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