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Howell TBI Fuel Injection Installation - Part #2
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(02/26/06) So we got a slow start this morning, as we didn't arrive home until very late last night. We got up to the garage and started by taking off the mocked pieces and cleaning up the intake so it would be nice and clean and free of grease and grime. As Jen and Frank cleaned, I got the exhaust manifold going by putting in the emission lock out bolts with some anti-seize and installing the O2 sensor. Anti-seize is a must in case you have to remove any of this stuff later on. Someone might have put this on from the get go with this engine, I am not sure, but I didn't have a hard time getting the bolts out and to ensure this in the future, I will put it on all the engine bolts just to make sure.

The install of the exhaust manifold was straight forward, I just cleaned off the mating surface with a razor and then wiped it down with alcohol after I vacuumed out the intake and exhaust chambers to get any scraping that might have fallen in there. So with that done, I crawled under the engine, loosened up the bolts on the exhaust and then I was able to move it around a bit so I could connect the exhaust head pipe to the manifold and tighten it down. Once that was done I connected up the rest of the exhaust system and we were on to installing the intake manifold.
They finished cleaning it up and we went to work installing it. First, we had to find shorter bolts as the original 1-barrell setup had bolts that were there originally were too long. Once we source 8 of them and reused about 4 of the other ones, we had the intake on. The center 2 bolts underneath were tough to get in, but we managed to do it and we were onto bigger and better things.

I had already installed the TBI adapter plate onto 2-barrel intake manifold and I had removed the temperature sensor to make room for the one in the Howell kit. I had a dual CTO valve already on the intake and everything else looked ready to go. I had to replace one of the coolant entry points as one was cracked, but all in all, it was ready to have the TBI unit installed on it.

We put down the gaskets (these were bought separately, the did not come with the kit), tightened up the bolts and before long, the throttle body was on the intake and everything was looking really good. We tried to fit the air cleaner to see if it fit and it is tight with the brake booster, but it is pretty close. We had ordered up the K&N filter 9” element that was suggested and it looks like with a little adjustment it will work out good.
Last to go on was the re-routing of the coolant hoses. In the original setup, the 1-barrel intake manifold doesn’t have entry points for coolant. We cut the line going to the heater core and then spliced one end into one side of the intake and the other on the backside. This wasn’t too difficult and now we have coolant going into the intake manifold. We finished up the work on Sunday night by re-attaching the power steering pump, putting the belt back on and finally putting the throttle linkage back on the intake and adjusting the rod length. Everything seemed to work good with the throttle assembly and then I tried to hook up a few vacuum lines and such. I have to do a little more research on this. I connected the PCV valve up and just have to finish up a few more things and that should be all set, but a ton of work was done getting the Jeep to where it is now.

I have asked a few questions on the JeepForum and JeepsUnlimited this week to get ready for the fuel pump installation and the CPU going into the glove box area. I have to check out something at home on the Yellow Jeep as I might have a part that she can use for her Jeep to hold the brain, wish I had it when I did mine…
I plan on going up on (03/01/06) to do some work. Hopefully I will get the fuel pump installed and plumbed up. I have to do some more searching on the return line as well.

Now we have to address some of the other parts of the installation like the fuel pump, the wiring and a lot of loose ends here and there to get this Jeep to have fuel injection. It will take several weekends to do it, but it is going to be well worth it.
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