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Dream Garage - Part #1
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All my life I have wanted one thing and pretty much one thing only... and that was to have a workbench, in a garage, with a gigantic vice on it to help me to create the things that I think up in my mind. I am getting very close to FINALLY having that!

I lived in a condo for 4 years and prior to that, I rented apartments and lived in very small places that I never had a garage. The condo DID have a garage, as you can see below, however, it was quite small. It was just big enough to fit a compact car in it. I had all my tools, my Jeep as well as a ton of spare parts in there and I used to have to back the Jeep OUT of the garage in order to work on it. I had a ton of stuff in the garage that was not supposed to be in there, but I didn't have any room to put it elsewhere.

That all changed when I bought a house. We looked and looked at houses all over the place. All with one thing in mind, to have a separate garage, or at least the land to build a garage down the line. I got lucky when we found the house we are in now. It had a separate garage, far enough away from the house as to not to hear all the banging, yet close enough to run in to use the facilities. The only problem was that there was 1 electrical outlet in there, no insulation, sheetrock, lighting or heat... Sounds like the place you want to hang out in during a COLD New Hampshire winter... NOT!
The previous owners were nice enough to leave an overhead poorly constructed shelf that had about a 1/2 ton of wood laying on it. That was removed as it was too dangerous to have it hanging over my head as I worked. All of it was either kept or chopped up and used in the wood stove in the house. Moving on, I got all my stuff from the old garage and moved it all up to New Hampshire.

To make matters worse, I also found a great deal on a frame, transmission, transfer case and a Wrangler body and so, that was moved into the garage. Great deal, but how to build around all of this stuff?
I plan to put down a covering on the floor to protect against spills and such, so a good item to use for protection until then was carpet remnants from when we tore up the house and removed all the carpets and flooring.

With all the work done in the house, I started thinking more about the garage. It was getting cold and the garage was not going to be useable if I didn't do somethign about it.
Frosty beverages were another thing I had to consider. I wanted to make sure that I could at least have some beers, soda, gatorade and water refrigderated at all times. This was accomplished with a dorm style fridge that was a gift from my realtor that sold my condo. It holds cans and plastic bottles equally as well and so far no issues with it. Gotta love it.
I surveyed the area of the new garage, it was 23'x19' and I figured I would need about 100 - 8' foot sheets of insulation (2"x6" variety) and probably around 40 - 4'x8'x1/2" sheets of sheetrock. All in all I figured I would be into it for just under nine-hundred dollars to do the basics. I didn't even think about the lighting, electrical, heating to do the work, joint compound, taping, screws, molding for the windows, cabinets, blinds, staples, paint, paint supplies and finally some corner edging to do the taping/mudding easier. Yes, it takes a bit more then slapping up some insulation and rock and thinking it is going to be it. BTW, a truck makes this process a LOT easier.
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