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Dream Garage - Part #4
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(03/18/07) I have been doing a lot of work around the house, shoveling snow, and working on the garage lately and it really takes away from the time I can spend working solely on the garage, however, that hasn't stopped me from sneaking in some time here and there to do some little touches.
I was able to put a first coat of mud on the sheetrock that went up a few weeks ago. I then put up some molding on the windows and hung up some blinds to keep the sun out. I then was able to organize the garage a bit, work on the Free Jeep project somewhat and finally do some repairs here and there.
I also picked up a welder for the garage. I still need to put it together and wire up an outlet for it, but it is nice to have in my possession and I hope to start using it soon. Jen was really nice and bought me an original Sinclair oil sign and that will be hung up whenever I am able to get the sanding and painting done. More cabinets are on the way as well and the will be hung up, trim finished and we should be good to go on doing some of these projects finally!

cb (03/18/07)
Things have been crazy around here lately, lots going on with the house, but I was able to get a few things done in the garage. I was able to get the welder put together, the 220V hooked up and even used it a few times. The new helmet is great too with the swtiching technology that turns off/on the darkness while welding. Pretty cool actually.

After that was setup, I finished the first coat of mud/tape on the rest of the garage and then moved onto hanging up a few things that I had in the old garage and some new things I got along the way. It looked naked in there without this new stuff.
I had some stickers lying around, so I put them on the fridge (need beer!) and after that, found my old CT plate and stuck it up on the ceiling where a few more plates will end up once I am done with the garage painting. There is a ton more to do, but first we have to replace the roof, so that is next. I hope by summer time I will be done with all the projects! Yeah right!

cb (04/07/07)
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