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Third Project Build-up - part #12
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So the weekend of October 08/09 was very good the third project Jeep. The weekend got off to a good start when we got to the garage on Saturday morning and we started tearing into the Jeep in order to finish up the bodywork and get the rest of the parts sanded down. Basically the hood and fenders had to come off so we could get to the radiator shell because that was the most in need of repair.

The transmission hump and glove box were also dug up and looked at to make sure that they would work with the new body and the repair that was made to the dash. Previously (last week) the dash was pounded back into shape and sanded down to remove all the glue that was holding on the dash cover. It was then sanded and primed on the rear as well so we wanted to make sure that the glove box door would still close correctly. We also removed the lock cylinder so that it would not get paint on it when we had it sprayed yellow.
We moved onto the tailgate for some finish bondo work where the welds had been ground down and Jen worked furiously on the radiator grille shell. After tons and tons of sanding, it was determined that we needed to media blast the radiator shell because there was some pitting that had little rust pieces in them that just wouldn’t come out, so once we decided on the media blasting, we moved onto the body work on the passenger side as the holes from the original side panels needed to be cleaned up and a little filler was need to smooth everything out.

NOTE: The grinder wasn't used to sand down the radiator shell, it was used to cut off some sharp metal edges that were on the grille shell, that is it. The variable speed sander was used to try to remove the rust pitting and that didn't work as we expected so we moved onto the media blaster...
At this point, I was still under the impression that we were going to tow the Jeep over to the body shop next weekend. I started tearing into the engine to remove all the vacuum lines, the wiring, as well as the computer stuff so we could not have this rattling around as it was towed. Also, there is a Weber carburetor setup going on this Jeep, so the computer will no longer be necessary as well as some of the vacuum lines and electrical hookups. We had some lunch and took a ride to the body shop to discuss the particulars with the owner and painter. It was decided that the tub only would be able to be brought over and put on a lift and it would be painted that way. This made the decision a lot easier as to what had to be done the following day.

With Saturday coming to a close, we decided to call it a day and move onto the finish bodywork as well as the media blasting on Sunday. Upon arriving on Sunday I started in on removing the body mount bolts on the Jeeps body as well as removing the brake stuff that connected the body to the engine. I know we had already put all this stuff back on, but this would allow the body to come off and us to bring just the tub over to the painters.
We continued on with media blasting the grille shell as the others (thanks again to Frank and Jen for their hard work and use of the garage) performed the bodywork and sanding on the fenders, tailgate and body. Once the radiator grille shell was done, Ang, who stopped by to see how we were doing, masterfully used some masterful body skills to get the shell back into almost new shape. A coat of primer on all the exposed parts and we were almost ready for paint.
After all the bodywork was done on the tub it was loaded into the back of the truck and strapped down for its ride over to the body shop. The tub is all set to go now for paint, it just needs a little love from the 320-grit sandpaper prior to painting. We also need to tape off the herculiner and we should be good to go.

There are a few more little things to do for the paint, but that is another day. Friday 10/14/2005 the Jeep will be prepped for paint and the paint will be shot on Saturday 10/15/2005. After the Jeep is sitting in Yellow paint, we will put the tub on a flatbed and bring it back and mate it up with the frame and then the wiring will be started as well as getting the brakes, seats, front end, as well as the roll bar back into the Jeep.
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