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Third Project Build-up - part #8
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So the weekend of the 23/24 was quite a good one for the third project Jeep. It started out as a weekend where we were just going to go get some parts for the third project Jeep as well as the 2nd project Jeep (a.k.a The Red One), however, the weekend evolved into much much more.

We did start out by going up to a Jeep Junk Yard to find some parts and we brought some along in hopes of trading some of our old stuff for some new stuff that we needed. The trip proved to be fruitful, however, we did not unload any of our old stuff. We were overcharged for some parts as well, so we had a valuable lesson learned, however, the parts we did not get overcharged for were the diamond plate rocker plates that will be going on the new Jeep Project. These were pre-cut and were the same price as they are on the web and we got them that day, didn't even have to pay for shipping.

Another thing that was tackled on Saturday afternoon was replacing a section of the floor that had rusted as well as had the seat riser mounts ripped out of the Jeep. This required cutting the floor, making a template, cutting the template out of sheetmetal, replacing the floor area that was affected, welding a nut onto the bottom of a plate, and finally tacking everything in place and then grinding everything smooth. The finished result is really nice and now the seat will fit in there without any issues. It took a while, but it was worth it!
I was able to finish up the Windshield Frame conversion to a CJ on Saturday. This involved, finishing up cutting and fitting the defroster deflectors as well as putting back together the wiper motor and it's pieces as well as putting together the windshield hinges that were previously ordered and finally getting the rubber cowl seal installed and finally putting the windshield back up to its resting place in the rafters until the rest of the body work is completed.

We went out to dinner on Saturday night and brought everyone out that was involved with getting the 2nd project Jeep painted. This was a great time and we went to Ruth Chris's, so needless to say, there was a lot of steak and drinks and everyone had a great time.
The young guns couldn't keep up with the old folks as the young ones went home to get some sleep as the older yet less wise went out for a nightcap. The forethought of going home and getting some sleep proved valuable as Sunday began with us getting to the shop as 9 AM and meeting Angelino Bongalini there to do some bodywork.

When the previous owner picked up the tub, they used a forklift to get it up in the air. This damaged the side a bit as well as the rear of the tub had a dent in it from some unknown event. Ange was able to knock out the dents and get a little filler on there just to make up the difference. You can't even see the areas previously affected as well as you can't even see where the old filler neck was. This is great, thanks Ange! You really did some nice work.

Finally, it was time for Ange to move along to some other engagements, so we finished up the cowl area by welding up the holes that were still left and finally finishing up the seat belt area that was replaced last week, yet not all of the spot welds had been finished up. All in all, we did a ton of work on the Jeep and we really are in good shape to move forward with the herculining of the inside of the tub as well as finishing up the body work and getting some paint on this thing.
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