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Third Project Build-up - part #19
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A lot has been done in the past week preparing for the final push on the Jeep. I just got back from working on the Jeep (11/02/05) and Frank helped me out mount the new tires on the rims that I just got in from Quadratec. They are a set of (4) Cragar series 397 black 8 hole 15x8 rims and on them went the Wrangler MTR 31x11.5x15 tires that we picked up last weekend. Also included in the past week shopping spree were the purchases of the rear tailgate decal, indicator lights, the radiator was re-cored and pressure tested, assorted heater hoses, vacuum hoses and clamps, new thermostat, PCV, as well as a new elbow for the carburetor, and last but not least, a new washer pump for the wiper bottle, a new antenna, shift boot, wiper arms/blades, a new shift lever with attaching linkage and finally the cost of mounting up the tires on the new rims.

All in all the project is coming to a close with me looking for a set of seatbelts which I think I have a lead on and finally a bikini top to finish off the project. This all comes in at a price that is far lower then you can do yourself. Well, actually you can do it yourself, you just need to add the 300+ hours of labor that went into this Jeep and all the running around and tireless hours on the computer ordering up all the parts and selling off all the parts that were not going to be used on the project. After all that, you have to know how to put it all back together and get it running. This is going to make a fine collectible for anyone that is going to own it.
I have updated the Customize Your Jeep page to reflect all the recent purchases as well as the number of hours that have been spent on the project. This includes all the relevant costs, however, the costs of travel time and diesel have been left out as if I had my own shop, this wouldn't be indicative of the total overall cost of completion.

I actually did get some work done tonight at the garage. I was able to mount up the tires on the Jeep as well as get the wiper bottle assembled and installed. The radiator over flow bottle as well as the Ignition Control Module were mounted and we fixed some oversights in the mounting and routing of vacuum lines for the carburetor. After all that was done, the fuel lines were routed and now we are waiting on some parts to finish up the Jeep.
I just got back from working on the Jeep and we were able to get some of the wiring done for the engine compartment. We laid out the old wiring harness and got some of the plugs off of it that were necessary for the wiring that we were going to do in the engine compartment. The plugs included the ones for the 4wd indicator, the reverse lights, the brake sensor, the 2 ignition module plugs, the distributor, and finally the ignition control module.

With all the plugs in place, the wires were loosely laid out in the engine bay and the ones that were going to be used were run to the respective locations and then cut to length. We found the wire tire downs for the loom and put the wires onto the firewall. After that was all done and secured, the wires were then spliced into the places that they belonged. I was able to find the horn and that was installed and the wires were put on the fender and run underneath the horn.

After that was done, we wired up the transmission, transfer case and brake notification wires and then we moved onto the coil. The coil was then wired up as it was supposed to be and the 2 wires for the tachometer and ballast resistor were cut and tied off for future use if we ever use these items.
The electric choke was then cut to length and the heater blower motor was then plugged in. Make sure you take your time when you lay out the wires and run them to the respective locations, as they should be. A little time now saves a lot of time in the future of wiring it up. Also, it makes it look a heck of a lot nicer under the hood when all the wires are where they are supposed to be. This is the third time I have used the painless kit and I have to say, I think that the kit was designed for the 82-86 Jeeps and not the earlier models. Everything is falling into place as it should be and this is a far cry from when we did two of the 1976 Jeeps. The kit was good for them, but some of the wires needed to be re-routed and cut differently. This is going together nicely.

We are off to the Egg Raffle in NH this weekend, so we won’t be working on the Jeep, but I will be heading up next Tuesday and Wednesday to hopefully finish up the wiring on the engine and dash. After that, the steering column as well as the seats will be put back in and hopefully we can fire the pig up! On a separate note, the windshield wiper/arms came in as well as the antenna, so now I have to find a stereo to put in this thing!
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