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Third Project Build-up - part #20
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I just got back from working on the Jeep tonight and I got some good work accomplished as well as finding out that the wiper blades that I ordered were not going to fit the YJ windshield that is on the Jeep, so I have to order up some new arms and blades to fit the Jeep windshield that I have.

I was able to mount the antenna and get the shifter situation under control. If you recall, I ordered up a new shifter and the parts that were necessary to get all the slack out of it. In comparison to the old one, it was all very similar except for the shims that had rusted away and were considerably thinner now.
After that as done, we went to the engine bay and started wiring up the engine. The wiper bottle was grounded and the windshield wiper hose was cut and run through the firewall. After that, some of the wires were snaked through the harness and ran correctly to where they belonged. These included the horn, the temperature sender as well as the oil sender, and finally the electric choke.

After all that was done, the end of the wiring harness was attacked and it too was snaked back and the wires that were not going to be used were tied off and finally the starter solenoid “s” connection was hooked up. We finished with getting the alternator wiring out of the way and laid out for hook up tomorrow. Basically this took a bunch of time since we had to scavenge the old harness to find the connectors and then see where we were going to put them.
Frank helped me out a bunch tonight and we had some dinner in between, so basically, we got a good 4 hours between us done tonight and tomorrow we will hopefully finish up wiring the alternator as well as the distributor and we can put the engine wiring behind us. The stereo was ordered and that should be in for the weekend when we do the dash.

After that, we have to put the seats in, followed by the steering column and the steering shaft, and finally if we have time, we will install the seat belts if they come in and the wiper arms/blades as well. All in all, the finishing touches are being done to the Jeep and maybe next week we can fire this thing up. I might trade the seats out with a JeepForum member that has a match to the black one I have. We will see how that goes.

I just got back from working on the today (11/12/05) and we got a tremendous amount of work done. We started off slow with us just starting to do some wiring in the engine compartment, but at the end of the day, we had the dashboard bolted in the Jeep with the stereo pumping out some Jimmy Buffet as we worked.
There were a few wires to complete in the engine bay, so that is where the beginning of the day started out. After spending about an hour or so tidying up the wires, we started wiring up the dashboard. The engine was completed with the battery cables, once we realized we had forgotten them, and finally, it was back to the dash.

Putting a painless kit into a Jeep is fairly straightforward, scavenging parts from the old harness is essential. We had to take the whole wiper connections from the old hookup. This was pretty cool though; we now have intermittent wipers and the new YJ wiper motor to boot. After a thorough scavenging for the dome lights and some other assorted wires, we moved onto wiring up the speedometer and then finally the gauges. Having that done, the stereo was next.

The stereo was pretty straightforward, however, we needed the steering column in place to run the ignition wires to tell us what was 12V constant and what was switched power. With the steering column in, we secured the dash and started testing everything. Much to everyone’s amazement, everything worked minus the reverse lights and the 4wd indicator; we have to look more at that as to why it didn’t work. Also, we had an issue with one of the bulbs and ground with the blinkers, but that was easily fixed. All in all, it was a kick ass day in the garage and now we truly have a Jeep that is about 10 hours away from driving. I finished up the day with tightening down the dash and then finally putting the new shifter in place. It is nice and tight and it only needs some screws to hold down the new boot.
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