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Project "Moab" a.k.a "Just a Tub Swap" - part #1
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(04/18/09) I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to work on a tub for someone that approached me and then when the tub was ready, we would do a tub swap. Also, some wiring and some suspension modifications. Basically, what you see here is the tub that has been sandblasted and primered and now we have a decision to make. Basically, do we restore it or go another route.
I didn't get a chance to look to om uch at it today, but my initial impressions aren't the greatest. When I saw this tub initially, it must have had a lot of bondo on it as it looked pretty good, now, I am not as sure.
I just wanted to throw this up there and get the project moving along on the website. Tomorrow I will be checking it out more thoroughly and see what we should do. It will be a blast now matter what we do as it is a Jeep CJ, and it is about to receive new life!
(04/20/09) I started in on the project yesterday and I wanted to get a sense of what was on and under the CJ's primer. The tub has been sandblasted, so, it should show all the weak and distressed areas. Unfortunately, what I found was not all that promising.

I started with the tailgate and stripped that down, unfortunately it had a couple broken bolts. Also, it has an addition to the tailgate cable holders that I have never seen before. I am not sure what those were used for, but the would need to be cutoff to go back to stock. I then moved onto the firewall, removed all that and then went onto the body mounts.
The body mount situation is not the greatest. Of the 12 body mounts on the tub, 6 are solid and I was able to get the bolts out of them, the other 6 are not good. A couple are missing altogether and will need to be fabricated, the rears are just plain missing and the previous owners fabbed up some stuff that I am not quite sure how it was level.

So, I hit a snag in removing the body mount bolts and was frustrated, so I moved onto the windshield hinges. No more luck there. They came off, but it was quite a struggle to get them off, also, on the driver side, there was some serious cancer. That isn't a good thing.

Finally, I wanted to get this last body mount bolt out and I in turn spun the mount in the cage, or better yet, broke the cage it was in and it was spinning. So, I had to pry up the brace to get it out and much to my surprise the brace bent with just a small screwdriver and what was inside was all scale. The next step was the stuff on the side of the tub. I thought it was undercoating, but nope, it was body filler... and a LOT of it. It was 1/4" thick in places. Later I figured out why this was.
I went back to work on the body mounts and noticed the washers that were in between the side panels and the tub. Basically I deduced that the "JEEP" punch-outs were missing from the sides, so that means that they were replaced at one point. In doing so, they had to use these washers to "true" it up somewhat, so those are tacked in place and are holding the panel to the tub center. Similar construction was used on the rear body mounts. I pried up the rear mounts to see what lay beneath, and sure enough, more scale and rust.

The angle iron holding on the center supports is only tacked in and I knocked one piece off with a hammer with a light blow. That was very concerning, as was the mount fabrication for the body mounts that are in front of the rear wheels. These have been cut off flush and will need to be drilled and tapped to remove them, but what I can somewhat see underneath shows more swiss cheese.

So, after 4 hours of work on the tub, I called it quits and called the owner. We are discussing options.

(04/24/09) I have made plans to pick up a partially disassembled Jeep this weekend. It has a very decent tub on it and the price is right. I just have to haul away the whole thing, that is the unfortunate part. Anyway, the tub has one spot of rust on it, that is it, so I think we will be in good shape to start the transformation. I am looking forward to finally getting started.
I thought the roll bar came with the package, but apparently that is being taken off today, so that is a bummer, but on the plus side, it will be removed, so I won't have to worry too much about that, unfortunately it means I have to drill and tap a lot of holes... hello new drill bits? LOL. To be honest, I am more worried about snapping off the body mount bolts, those things look like even the best penetrating fluid is going to have an issue with them.

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