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Project "Moab" a.k.a "Just a Tub Swap" - part #8
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(06/25/09) I am definitely entering the phase of the project that I like the least, and that is when you have to strip off years of debris, rust, mud, and junk and do it all in a small space that really gets everywhere. Basically the last couple of nights in the shower have been quite messy, but at least now, the frame is 3/4 done and I can move over to the body tomorrow.
I spent the day by cleaning the underside of the frame, then using the Marine Clean and the Prep from POR-15 and then finally putting on 2 coats of the nasty black stuff. The stuff is great when it is done, but if you get any on you, you will have it for a month... which is why my fingers look like they have frostbite now... AND I wore gloves!
I am pretty sure I will never do a frame like this again. I think the frame off is the way to go; you really have a tough time getting underneath it without getting incredibly dirty and pissed off. But, the good news is that it is done and it really did come out nice. I hope to get the skid plate done as well and get that bolted back up and start to get the stuff in the rear of the Jeep put back together, like the drive train, gas tank, lines, etc. Also, the body is up next to work on. All in all a day of 2 coats of POR-15 and running around to pick up parts and drop them off. All in all, it is moving forward!

(06/27/09) I started to assemble the drive train to make sure all the clutch components would fit with the new setup, and also to see where the mount is going to fall on the skid plate. I don't have the new Advanced Adapter at the moment, which should be here on Tuesday, but I wanted to see what we were dealing with now that everything was cleaned up.

I also had to cut down the body lift a bit. There is some concern on the overall height of the Jeep and if it will fit into the garage when he gets it home, so basically I took off just under a 1/2". This will allow for the height that was lacking due to not having any body mounts at all before and then the reduction of a little bit in the shackles. It should fit no problem now.
I then had to run around to try to find the Dupli-Color Bed Liner that I wanted to use on the underside of the Jeep. I plan on doing that today or tomorrow, once the inside of the tub is done. I had to go to 4 stores to find that, so upon returning home, I made a bracket for the "speed sensor" hole that is in the new bell housing. Once that was completed, the whole assembly was mocked into place. Everything fit as it should. The flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throw out bearing and new arm all fit, as it should. The only thing that isn't in there is the slave cylinder, but after reading about that, it needs to be bled a special way, so that has to wait until the tub is in place.

The Dana 300 will be put on today and the drive shaft lengths and angles will be checked. I know the rear is going to be more severe, so we will probably need to order up a new drive shaft, but all in all, the front one should be good after having it lengthened. The only thing that it might need is some clearance around the skid plate for full drop of the axle. Lastly I played around with the inspection plate and the new bell housing. As the picture shows, it isn't even close; I have a question into Advanced Adapters for this.

(06/27/09) I finished up a little while ago with the Jeep. We went out for a quick ride, got a bite to eat, now I am typing all this up tonight so I can get a jump on the Jeep first thing tomorrow. I started by putting the Dana 300 in place and checking the drive shaft angles. Unfortunately the rear is way too steep, the front is fine, but the droop will hit and interfere with the skid plate. So, I have to trim up the skid plate and get a new CV shaft for the rear.
I moved onto the tub and getting the modifications to the transmission tunnel started and then moved onto the floor and side patching I needed to get out of the way before I started on the underside tomorrow with the Dupli-Color bed liner.

A few light skim coats of some plastic filler and a little bit of sanding allowed me to shoot a little red on the side to see what it might look like in the future. So far so good!

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