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Project "Moab" a.k.a "Just a Tub Swap" - part #13
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(07/16/09) Slow start, but it was a strong finish. I was able to get the heater part taken apart and welded up so it now works. I did this and a bunch of other things while Curtis put on the rear fender flares and the side rails. The side rails were a bit of an issue as for some reason, one of the bolts wouldn't line up, even though it was on there before. Oh well, it is all-together now.
At the end of the day, the brake booster was in, we just need some adapters to make the YJ booster and the CJ lines talk nice and then the wiring harness was run in the cab. The hood and front fenders were stripped for paint, hopefully this weekend and finally the dash was hung in place and I started wiring up the dash. The rear is all set in terms of wiring and I even removed some of the engine stuff and ordered up some parts that we will need going forward. All in all, a good day, hopefully tomorrow will be GREAT!

(07/17/09) Yesterday was a very good day. The grille is assembled and in place, the wiring for the winch has been done and tested and finally we got the dash wired up, the dash is in, the steering column, column cover, dash pad, and finally even moved onto the brakes and sorted most of that out.
There is still a lot to do even though the pictures with the hood on and the fender on look promising. Basically the engine has to be wired up, the front brakes are going to be done, the new hubs have to be put in place as one is broken, the seats have to go in, the fenders fixed and painted, the roll bar has to be painted and finally the bikini top for now has to go on. The hardtop and hard doors will be something we do at a later date.

(07/20/09) It has been a couple days since I was able to post up some pictures. We spent a lot of time on the Jeep over the past couple of days. On Saturday the Jeep received some new brakes, and the new hubs were put on. The license plate bracket was tapped and then some other little things were done, like enlarging the hole for the dash hold downs, the decals were put on, and finally the feet of the roll bar were painted and one of the fenders was worked on. Basically the roll bar will have a pad on it, so the feet were all that were needed to be painted.
The front fender came out pretty good, so that was set to dry and the following day we would attempt to put it on. First off though, we had to tap all the boltholes that were in the body to clear out the left over herculiner and duplicolor lining that got into the threads. After they were cleared out, we started with the rear seat, got that all put in and socked down and then moved onto the passenger and driver seats so we could see about the center console position.
With the console position where it needed to be, we modified it to be a little more securely mounted and then we moved onto the roll bar installation. Things had been going smoothly up until this point, so we figured, lets try the hard top install to make sure it all lined up on the Wrangler body. This caused a little paint damage unfortunately as the paint on the body still seems to be a little soft for some reason. More then likely it is the drying time not being adhered to exactly and trying to get all the parts done quickly so we can get this back together and get it running.
Anyway, not pictured is the hard door trial fit as well, that worked out fine, so it was onto seatbelt installation which took some time and finally we put on the fender, the fender flare, bled the brakes, fixed up an issue with the gas return line and finally placed the hood on to see how it will all look once the hinges are painted up and installed. Lastly, also not pictured, was the attempt to put the rear bumper on at the end of the day. It didn't end well unfortunately. We need to still get a few more bolts on and socked down. There were bloody knuckles and some swearing and then we called it a day so I could go mow the lawn. All in all, a great weekend, just a bad ending.

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