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Project "Moab" a.k.a "Just a Tub Swap" - part #15
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(08/06/09) It ain't over. There are still a few things that we need to get done so he can take it to Moab. He needs 3 things, and they are: full hard doors, a rebuilt transfer case, and a glove box. The rest he is going to get on his own.
I finished up the glove box welding to fix the lock part and then sanded, primed, and even painted it, but I don't have a picture of that yet. After that I started to work on the Dana 300, but realized it was too filthy, so I cleaned it up quite a bit and then started to take it apart.
Things went well, except for removing the 2 studs that hold it to the transmission. These things are always stuck in there and are a PITA to get out. If you don't know what PITA means, think about being a pain in the lower end. Does that help?

So, I took off the lower cover, it all looks pretty good. I took off the yoke (1 was missing) and then I moved onto taking out and apart the input shaft. All went well. I called it a day and will get back to the transfer case next week once the rebuild kit comes in, but it was a good start to get me further ahead for next week.

(08/10/09) The glove box is done and I am onto bigger and better things. I received a lot of the rebuild parts, so now I just have to do the work to rebuild the transfer case as well as the doors.
The transfer case was started being torn down the other night, but I could only go so far without directions and the parts to rebuild it. Now that the kit is in, we can start really tearing into it. I put in an hour or so tonight, we are about 1/2 way torn down. Too bad the tear down is the "easy" part...

(08/13/09) The transfer case is totally stripped down to the case and now it is time to clean that case and get it painted up so we can start the rebuild. It came apart relatively easy, no complaints there... it is now just trying to get it all back together and get it in the Jeep that is the issue!

(08/16/09) I got quite a bit done on the transfer case yesterday. It was sweltering outside with the heat and the humidity, but I was able to get a lot done... even with a lot of interruption from the family obligations and the house chores.
The picture right below this is not correct. On the right hand side, I had laid the gears in to do something quick, not realizing it was backwards... as the pictures progress, it is corrected, but you really have to pay attention to what you are doing. Interruptions tend to cause mistakes, which leads to doing something over, and when you are pressing things on, you only want to do that once!

The press is a great tool to have when doing all this. Everything went on straight and where it was supposed to go. You can get away with doing it with a hammer and such, but the press is so much more even and constant pressure and gives you the desired results. I am out to finish this off and hopefully start on the doors. It all depends on how smoothly the intermediate gear goes in the center with all those bearings and Vaseline! If you don't know what I am talking about, you will with the next update.

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