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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #10
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(02/07/06) I stopped by the Engine shop today and talked with Jon about the engine. As you can see a lot more has been done and it is looking great. The Jeep was scheduled to be set up for a dyno run today or tomorrow, but that may have changed, I am not sure, I am waiting to hear back from Jim to see what the situation is. I hope to get it back for the weekend so I can drop this in and start getting this back into shape so I can drive it.
They are going to construct a custom mount setup for the dyno based off of the motor mounts I gave them the other day so they said that it shouldn't be that bad to get that going. The distributor was also dropped off today so they could have a non-HEI setup to get this thing running. I am not sure if they will use the one I dropped off or they one that they obtained, but I got a new distributor cap and rotor last night and that should get them enough to set everything up. There were also wires that came as part of the distributor setup, so I gave them those since they were the old style setups and would work with the distributor cap.
I took inventory of all the other parts that haven't been used yet and they are all there, so that should be good for when I pick it up. I needed to find out if the spacers were still there for the water pump as I am going to probably need one of them for the alternator bracket if I remember correctly. Other then that I am ready to go with the installation of the motor in the Jeep, I just need the motor back!
I will put up more information as I get it.
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