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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #8
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(02/01/06) Today I went back down to the engine shop to see about the progress that has been made in the assembly of the motor. I was told by Jim that the block was painted and that the assembly was going back together and should be done in a couple of days. After the assembly is done, they were going to move to putting it on the dyno and break it in and the see what type of performance the Jeep would have.

Since the entire fuel injection wiring is mostly tied into the engine and glove box I was not going to be able to get them all those pieces, so a regular Holley 4-barrel carburetor will be used in the break-in step.
It seems to reason that once all the machining is done, the amount of work to put it back together seems small when you compare it to the time it took to get to this point. I am keeping a list of things that you need to look for when it comes to slimming down the time line so everyone else can have all their ducks in a row when it comes to their rebuild. This will be put up as the last page in the rebuild once I get the motor back and it is installed.

The engine looks great and after talking with Jim, he said that hopefully today that they would be done with the crank installation as well as the heads and hopefully by the end of the day that they would only need to put the intake and valve train on. I hope that this is the case when I go there tomorrow.
(02/01/06) I received 2 phone calls from Coleman Performance Engines today. The first one was an uh-oh in regards to the crank pulley. It turns out that the new balancer that they got for me was a 4-bolt balancer and the 1974 engine previously had a 3-bolt balancer on it. This meant that the crank pulley that they had was not going to fit since it was done a bolt to connect it. I told them that I had the crank pulley off the old motor and that I would go up and get it tonight and bring it to them tomorrow morning.
I just got back from retrieving the crank pulley and I just got an email from the guys at Coleman performance engine saying that the intake and valve train were the only things that they needed to finish up before it could go to the dyno. The email also stated that they were going to need the motor mounts to finish up the job of installing the engine on the dyno.

This is fine except that the motor mounts are up in Beacon Falls and I will have to go up there tomorrow morning on my way to drop off the crank pulley so they can continue on. It isn't too far out of the way; I just wish that they had told me that they needed this before I went there. I will go up there and get it tomorrow.
I wasn't aware that they were going to need the motor mounts to get it on the dyno and I was also unaware that they weren't going to need the starter and alternator, but hey, what do I know, this is all new to me. I will go up tomorrow and hopefully get the last of the parts that they will need and we will hopefully get the motor back next weekend.
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