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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #11
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(02/10/06) I stopped by the Engine shop today and got to hear the motor roar to life on the dyno. It was truly an experience to go down there and see the engine running on the dyno and just see that all the time, effort, and waiting really came together to produce such a great sound.

I also got the bill, which was a bit higher then we discussed, but with all the extras that came up along the way, it was bound to go up in price. Also keep in mind that I live in CT and I would imagine that a lot of the machine work costs more money here as we are very close to Fairfield County and the real estate prices are ridiculous so I would imagine that goes the same for businesses as well, it is just going to cost more to rent space, thus the costs go up more.
I will do a break down of all the prices in another page, but I wanted to say that having it put on the dyno and getting to hear it before I installed it really gives me peace of mind. I know that it has run, it is broken in, they set it all up and broke it all in, timed it, etc. so I know it was done right. Jim told me that they stand by their work, so if anything ever happens to bring it down and they would make it right.

The numbers from the dyno run were great, they came out at 232 horsepower and 296 ft./lb. torque. I was very pleased with the numbers as stock for that motor was 150/245 according to some quick searching on google, so they were able to increase the horsepower quite a bit and up the torque as well. Almost getting 304 ft.lbs. out of my 304... well it is like a 307-8 now I suppose with the .030 overbore.
I will get all the numbers up on another page along with the costs and the products used to do the rebuild. It was more expensive then I thought, but the motor looks and sounds great. Good thing that they have nice neighbors because that motor was screaming at 4000 RPM and was deafening outside where the exhaust came out through the wall.

I also was able to shoot a little video of it running. The files are about 10 seconds each and are about 3 meg in size. Right click on them and download them to your machine for better viewing. They aren't anything great, just showing some of the dyno testing. I was just happy to get some of it at idle, when they engine ramped up, it got loud in that little room so the door was closed and I couldn't get in to shoot any video.

Dyno Video #1       Dyno Video #2
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