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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #16
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(03/15/06) I finally had a little time to sit down and write-up what went on during the rebuild process. The work order I received from the Engine guys was detailed down to the last nut and bolt. Here is what they did and it seems typical of what goes into a rebuild of this nature.
These are all the parts that were needed to do the rebuild of the motor.

Engine Kit
       -Main Bearings
       -Rod Bearings
       -Cam Bearings
       -Piston Rings
       -Freeze Plug Kit
       -Gasket Set
       -Timing Set
Oil Pump Gear Set
Oil Filter
8 Spark Plugs
Valve Springs
Front Damper (rebuilt)
Paint (clearcoat)
Here are the steps that they went through for the labor and machining of the engine. These steps are all necessary to do the job that they agreed to do, this list varies slightly if you are going to do some of the assembly work.

Disassemble Motor
Bake Block and Heads
Align Hone Engine Block
Bore and Hone
Hone Lifter Bores
Install Cam Bearings
Install Freeze Plug Kit
Deck Block
Deck Heads
Valve Job
Cut Valve Spring Pockets for New Springs
Polish Crank
Remove old Pistons and install new on Rods
Recondition Rods
Clean all parts
Paint Engine Block, Heads, etc.
Balance Rotating Assembly
Cut Flywheel
Install New guides
Total Assembly Labor
As you can see, there was a lot of time and effort put in to this engine rebuild to make sure that all the necessary parts and precautions were taken so the engine would be able to perform they way I wanted it to. Having it put on the dyno just ensures that the assembly process went the way it was expected to.

You can do more or less to your engine, but this is what was done during this rebuild process. I just wanted to convey all the facts as I knew them. I do realize there are a lot of theories out there as to what to do during the engine rebuild, how to do the various steps and whether or not you should even rebuild a 304 engine. I am not here to debate any of these, I just wanted to show what it takes for a somewhat typical rebuild.

cb (03/15/06)
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