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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #14
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(02/11/06) I went to pick up the engine on Saturday and had to wait to get the engine do to a few issues that they found when it was on the dyno. One of the freeze plugs was leaking a little bit and the stand was still attached to the engine. So, I hung out and talked to John about some of the things that they due at the engine place and soon enough, the troubles with the freeze plugs were fixed and it was time to load the engine into the truck.

The engine was wrapped up with plastic and I was on my way to put the engine in the Jeep. I got back to the garage about noon and there was snow in the forecast so I wanted to get the engine out of the truck and into the garage. We fired up the heater and soon the engine was on the engine hoist and ready for the flywheel, clutch and supporting cast to get it into the Jeep and lined up with the transmission.
I put the flywheel on and torqued the bolts and then I put the pilot bushing in and then put the clutch disc and pressure plate on and torqued them accordingly. We went to put the engine into the engine bay and we couldn't get the engine to line up to save our lives. It would go onto the spines of the clutch disc, but wouldn't go into the pilot bushing. After hours of trying to do different things, it was decided to pull the engine and see what was going on.

In utilizing the clutch disc alignment tool, it was noticed that there was a slight drag on the alignment tool, so it told me that there was a problem with the pilot bushing. I took the whole assembly apart, removed the pilot bushing and noticed that there wasn't the desired clearance. Something I did in putting the pilot bushing in the crankshaft caused the bushing to have a burr on it, which was causing everything to not line up. I sanded down the burr, re-installed the pilot bushing, and then put the disc and pressure plate back on and once again we tried to get it in the engine bay.
This time around it was much more fruitful. We got it lined up and with a slight nudge, it dropped into place. I used 2 screwdrivers to line up the holes that have the slugs in them and then tightened down the bolts to allow for the engine to mate up with the transmission. We put the motor mounts in place and put the bolts in and finally dropped the engine down and tightened up all the bolts. This took a very long time and it was 9 pm by the time we knocked off on Saturday night. We headed in for some grub and waited for the snow to arrive.

(02/12/06) We awoke to the sound of plows buzzing by and noticed that we had a ton of snow. There was about 18 inches out there and we got up, had some breakfast and headed outside. We had to clear some snow at first to get to the garage and then Jen went out to plow the driveway. I asked if she wanted me to do it, but she wanted to, so I shoveled a bit and then we went inside to work on the Jeep.
I started the day by putting the headers on the Jeep and that turned out to be a nightmare, nothing would line up. With that finally completed, I went under to put the inspection plate on and the clutch linkage. I got it all lined up and tried out the clutch after a quick adjustment and the transmission went through all the gears and the pedal seems like it has decent play, I will do a final adjustment when I get the Jeep running.

I then started putting in the top of the motor with the thermostat and gasket. They don't run a thermostat for the dyno runs, so I put that in and hooked up the little hose and I was off to find the distributor. I put that in and then laid the wires on top of the motor and went out for the rest of the stuff. I put the power steering pump in and filled that up since a lot of the fluid had leaked out when it was hanging off to the side. I then turned to the starter and got that installed and then turned my attention to the alternator. I got most of this lined up and realized I needed to find a spacer that I didn't have.
I turned my attention to the throttle body next and realized that the brackets needed to be painted. I cleaned them up and painted them and waited for them to dry. We had to shovel and plow again and I also needed to clean off my truck. With that done and the paint dry, I installed the throttle cable linkage and finally finished up with the coil bracket, the PCV valve, the brake booster hose and finally hooked up some loose odds and ends like the fuel lines and other odds and ends.

I went back under the Jeep to install the rod that goes between the frame rails and finally the ground strap that goes from the frame to the engine block. With that done and it being 7 pm on Sunday, I called it quits and figured I would finish it up next weekend. I have a few odds and ends that I have to address, like the exhaust system and the wiring, but I should be mostly on top of the engine instead of under it next weekend. I hope to have it up and running next week, I can't wait!

The next time you check back, the engine should be running, I estimate another 10 hours or so and it should be good to go.
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