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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #9
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(02/02/06) Today I went back down to the engine shop once again to see the progress on the engine rebuild. I went down to drop off some parts that I needed to give to the guys as well as snap some pictures of the rebuild as it had progressed thus far.
I had received an email stating that they needed the crank pulley off the old motor so it matched up to the water pump pulley that they had received from me earlier. I knew they were a matched set, so it was good that I hadn't sold the old motor yet. Keep this in mind when you are doing a project like this. If you have old parts, keep them until the motor is done and inside your rig running before you sell anything else off.
I talked with Jim and they were all done on the bottom end and all that was needed was to put on the intake, adjust the valves, put the pushrods in and put the crank pulley on. They had also asked for the motor mounts as they were going to need them in order to build a jig for the dyno for when they tested this and broke the engine in.
I received a phone call around noontime that there was a problem with the distributor. In a nutshell, my distributor was an electronic model that was cut down to 304 specs so the engine could run fuel injection. The problem stemmed from the fact that I can't take the fuel injection setup out of the Jeep, so a regular distributor was going to be needed to get this on the dyno. I located a distributor and I will pick it up tomorrow and drop it off so they can get that in and going. Essentially, that is the last piece in the puzzle to get this thing up and running.

Remember, you need to have all this figured out ahead of time or you will be like me running around trying to get them the parts that they need to finish it up. Jim told me that everything else was now done and I will shoot some pictures of this tomorrow when I go over there. It should be strapped to the dyno next week and I should have it back for next weekend. I can't wait to see how this performs as it is looking really good from what I can see right now!!
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