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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #4
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I had said in the previous page that I went to the garage tonight and took apart the old engine and replaced all the parts I was going to keep with all the parts from the 1974 engine that is being rebuilt. Seeing that they engines are identical, this was not an issue to do. I started by taking off the valve covers and replacing those.

Once those were off, I replaced the intake manifold with the old one and then turned the engine over to replace the oil pan. When you are doing this, keep in mind that there is some antifreeze still left in the block, so make sure you have a bucket to catch the liquid that is going to fall out.
Once I got to the oil pan, I tilted it to the side of the drain plug and drained a bit more oil out that I hadn't done when it was in the Jeep. I did drain it, but this just ensures that there is very little left in the pan so you don't make a mess once you take the oil pan off.

With the oil pan replaced, I moved onto removing the oil gauge sensor and finally the motor mounts. Now the old Jeep motor is stripped clean of all the parts that I no longer need and I can now sell this off. I will sell it as is or with the engine stand, either way. I am looking for $200.00 for the engine and the engine stand was $90.00 to buy, so if you want to offer me $275.00 for both, I will take it. If you want just the engine, the first $200.00 will take it. You can make any offers to 304 Engine for sale and I will get back to you ASAP. If you are located in the New England area, I can even help assist with the transportation. I have a hoist as well, your call, I can meet you or you can pick it up.
The water pump shown is the one that I took off the 1976 Engine and I have the 1974 one as well. I am going with a FlowKooler water pump, so the remaining two pumps are no longer necessary. Anything else shown in the pictures is up for grabs excluding the first picture, which shows how the engine came out of the Jeep. I am keeping the intake manifold, the valve covers, and finally the oil pan. All in all, this has been a long day and I just ordered up the parts I am going to need to finish up this process. Hopefully the engine gets rebuilt and run on the dyno without issue and I can put this back into the Jeep at the end of the month.

It is rare that you get to see inside a used motor that you want to purchase. I took lots of pictures and as you can see this engine is a prime candidate for a rebuild. Perhaps the guys at Coleman Performance Engines can rebuild this one as well. It is up to you, but look carefully at the pictures, this engine is in really good shape, you just have to fix the rear main seal as I have chewed up 2 of them with this engine.
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