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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #7
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(01/20/06) Today I went down to the engine shop to drop off the parts that need to go on the engine. I have 3 boxes of stuff that came off the old motor and the parts need to get cleaned up and then get put onto the new engine. I talked to Jim and he said that the block is back from line honing, the heads are all set to go, they just need to be decked and finally the paint is ordered up to paint the block and soon it will all be going back together.

I have been calling him every 4-5 days and I am sure it seems like I am bugging him, but I want to keep this thing on track. I have less then a month to get this back and put it in the Jeep and I just want to make sure that it all happens in the time line I have.
(01/23/06) I spent all weekend calling around for paint for the engine. I was looking for EN-66 AMC Blue paint and no one that I called seemed to have it. I finally found it at Seymour Paints. They had it in stock, however, I learned that you can't overnight aerosol cans and the standard shipping is UPS and it takes 2-3 days from IL to get here. Also, they have a day or so for handling, so the paint I need for 01/25/06 is probably not going to arrive on time. Make sure that you order up the paint early in the process or you will be left with no paint when it comes time to paint the engine. I will be putting this in the lessons learned section as well.

I also wanted to include a picture of the back of Frank's truck that I am using to hold all the parts that I removed for the engine swap project. It is a good thing that he is away for a few weeks so I will have time to take them all out and put them on the Jeep before he needs it again. Thanks Frank!
(01/30/06) I finally received the paint from Seymour Paints and now we can get moving with the painting of the engine block, heads, and finally reassembly of the entire engine. I am headed up there tomorrow to take some pictures of what is going on and finally to get this project moving. I hope to have the engine back no later then (02/13/06) so I can get it and install the engine into the Jeep. I want to have as much as possible done before Frank and Bonnie come home and want their garage bay back...

(01/31/06) I was able to drop off the paint this morning and get some pictures of the engine parts that are going to go back together before it goes to the dyno to run it, break it in, and get some performance numbers. Jim wasn't there when I dropped it off, but I was able to takes some pictures of it on the stand and they said that they would start it soon. I went to work and about 11 AM I got a call from Jim and he said the motor was painted and that it looked great. They were working on the rotating assembly and he said that the flywheel I gave him was 100 grams too heavy. He said that they would take care of it, but it was the first time I had heard that. Everything I read indicated that the flywheel was interchangeable for the 304 motors. I had a 1976 flywheel and it was going on a 1974 motor. Something to keep in mind when you do a rebuild. I am glad he pointed that out.

He went on to say that the engine was going to be done in a couple days, so I am headed up there tomorrow morning to take some more pictures of it and possibly on Thursday as well. Hopefully it will be done in a few days and I can start thinking about dropping this in the Jeep and getting the Jeep back together.
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