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304 Engine Rebuild - Part #6
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(01/11/06) So, today I finally got to check out the new pilot bushing against the clutch alignment tool as well as the old pilot bushing and I am happy to report that the new one is the correct size and shape and now we can think about getting the clutch assembly underway.

I talked to Jim from Coleman Racing and he said that the block was all done being baked and machined and now it is ready for the pistons and such. He is getting it back today and tomorrow can start the reassembly if all goes well with getting the parts ordered up. I have to drop off a deposit check for him and we can go from there. I will head out at lunchtime and drop it off since I have to go to dinner with my Mom and sister tomorrow night.
(01/12/06) So, I headed up to see Jim at the engine shop today and I was able to snap a few pictures of what is going on up there. I got there to give Jim the check and he was there waiting for me. He said that the block was going out for line honing and when it got back, they would start putting it back together.

The crank was not touched, but that was on its way to get polished up, but they had cleaned up the crank and all in all, everything was where I thought it was going to be for the time that they had spent on it.
Keep in mind that I told the guys at Coleman Racing that I didn't need the engine in a time that was fast, then I told them that due to circumstances, I needed it done by the end of January, so they are trying to get it done fast for me.

They will have it done by the end of January I am told, but I am trying to hurry it along. I also had to find the correct engine paint so they could order it up and then have the engine sitting in AMC blue when they put it together. They are good guys there and now they have a deposit, so we will see how this turns out.
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